scale down veit tileset to reduce size of package
[FreeShisen] / TODO
ce533aec 1TODO list for FreeShisen:
7a57ae63 3* provide a new icon
5* provide scalable tilesets (the scaled ones look rather ugly)
ce533aec 6** could use current SVGs from libkmahjongg as a basis
36937ad8 7** try to use svg-android (needs SVG Basic 1.1 as format, however...)
ce533aec 8
9* i18n (lots of!)
10** remove some lefover hardcoded strings
11** add i18n variants for resources
13* use actionbar? this will cost some display space, but apparently is the new way to go
14** then we don't have to claim targetSdkVersion 10 any more (which provides a software menu button for devices without a hardware button)
15** may also think of another way to provide some "software menu" button
17* save highscores depending on gravity switch?
19* ask for name in highscore list?
36937ad8 21* add sound effects
d7575b69 22
36937ad8 23* add music
d7575b69 24
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