scale down veit tileset to reduce size of package
[FreeShisen] / res / values / strings.xml
c6f3dff3 1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
902e0532 3 <string name="app_name">FreeShisen</string>
a4a7750c 4 <string name="newgame">New Game</string>
c6f3dff3 5 <string name="hint">Hint</string>
6 <string name="undo">Undo</string>
7 <string name="options">Options</string>
8 <string name="about">About</string>
9 <string name="aboutText">\n
54d308ad 10&#169; 2013 knilch -\n
48a7d75f 11Most of the gameplay code and application structure taken from ShisenSho:\n
d0e04237 12&#169; 2013\n
48a7d75f 13Images taken from kshisen (Shisen Sho 1.5.1), from the package kdegames:\n
d0e04237 14&#169; 1997 Mario Weilguni\n
a4a7750c 15Other tilesets from libkmahjongg:
16&#169; Eugene Trounev, James L. Hammons, Robert Buchholz
c6f3dff3 17Distributed under GPL v2:\n
f9d59983 19Get the source code:</string>
c6f3dff3 20 <string name="size">Size</string>
07fd4c9f 21 <string name="tileset">Tileset</string>
22 <string name="tileset_default">classic</string>
c6f3dff3 23 <string name="difficulty">Difficulty</string>
42aa846a 24 <string name="size_default">2</string>
25 <string name="difficulty_default">1</string>
26 <string name="time_counter">Time Counter</string>
27 <string name="gravity">Gravity</string>
7359bf89 28 <string name="gravity_pref_on">Gravity is active.</string>
94761ea5 29 <string name="gravity_pref_off">Gravity disabled.</string>
30 <string name="time_pref_on">Time Counter is active.</string>
31 <string name="time_pref_off">Time Counter disabled.</string>
32 <string name="besttimes">Fastest Times</string>
33 <string name="diff_hard">Difficulty: Hard</string>
34 <string name="diff_easy">Difficulty: Easy</string>
109ae6fe 35 <string name="reset_hiscore">Clear Times</string>
94761ea5 36 <string name="reset_hiscore_hint">Clears all saved times</string>
37 <string name="hiscore_large1">"Large: 1st "</string>
38 <string name="hiscore_2nd">", 2nd "</string>
39 <string name="hiscore_medium1st">"Medium: 1st "</string>
40 <string name="hiscore_small1">"Small: 1st "</string>
375d3fd8 41 <string name="invalidtime">9:99:99</string>
4e38ce41 42 <string name="clearhiscore_confirm_title">Really clear best times?</string>
43 <string name="clearhiscore_confirm_text">This will clear all saved times. Hit &quot;OK&quot; if you really want to do this.</string>
aa2f597b 44 <string name="prefchange_confirm_title">Preferences changed!</string>
45 <string name="prefchange_confirm_text">Changes in Preferences will only have an effect if a new game is started. Abort current game and start a new one?</string>
46 <string name="hiscore_title">Hiscore!</string>
47 <string name="hiscore_text">You\'ve made the highscore list!</string>
94761ea5 48
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