add two more png tilesets
[FreeShisen] / res / drawable /
2013-04-03 gitknilchadd two more png tilesets
2013-04-02 gitknilchpixel. for simigern.
2013-04-02 gitknilchAllow selecting tileset.
2013-03-31 gitknilchOptimize "traditional" tileset a bit; bump version...
2013-03-30 gitknilchuse "traditional" tileset from libkmahjongg, with bigge...
2013-03-07 gitknilchno need for density-specific drawables any more.
2013-02-24 gitknilchtry to use the andriod way of Preferences and ruin...
2013-02-24 gitknilchinitial commit, version from dropbox
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