ready for release.
[FreeShisen] / AndroidManifest.xml
2013-04-06 gitknilchready for release.
2013-04-03 gitknilchbump version number for internal beta release
2013-03-31 gitknilchOptimize "traditional" tileset a bit; bump version...
2013-03-24 gitknilchfix possible nullpointerexception on startup
2013-03-09 gitknilchminor cleanups, new release.
2013-03-09 gitknilchready for release?
2013-03-07 gitknilchadd highscore menu option
2013-03-07 gitknilchre-start version number counting after rename
2013-03-07 gitknilchrename package to "freeshisen"
2013-03-03 gitknilchprepare for adding hiscore.
2013-02-28 gitknilchupdate version
2013-02-28 gitknilchFix shit.
2013-02-24 gitknilchtry to use the andriod way of Preferences and ruin...
2013-02-24 gitknilchrename, add hdpi icons, cleanup some warnings
2013-02-24 gitknilchinitial commit, version from dropbox
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