2007-04-21 michaeldisable lcd controller when booting linux, this prevent... master
2006-03-30 michaeladd \My Handheld PC\Storage Card\ to search-path
2005-11-23 michaelfix kernel commandline "parsing" -> do not always cut...
2005-07-25 michaeladd built-binary to cvs, as toolchain needs wine and...
2005-07-24 michaelno longer use deprecated ATAG_INITRD
2005-07-24 michaelupdate to kernel 2.6
2005-07-24 michael2.6 fixes
2005-07-24 michaelpacked asm-files removed
2005-07-24 michaelmulti-language search-paths
2005-07-24 michaelfix asm-location
2005-07-24 michaelfix wine-environment
2005-07-24 michaelfix linebreaks
2005-07-24 michaelInitial import of xdadeveloper linexec sources
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