fix 'hf iclass replay' (#888)
[proxmark3-svn] / common / iso15693tools.h
9455b51c 1// ISO15693 commons
0546b4aa 2// Adrian Dabrowski 2010 and others, GPLv2
9455b51c 3
3d2c9c9b 4#ifndef ISO15693TOOLS_H__
5#define ISO15693TOOLS_H__
9455b51c 6
cd028159 7#include <stdint.h>
9455b51c 9// ISO15693 CRC
8c6cca0b 10#define ISO15693_CRC_CHECK ((uint16_t)(~0xF0B8 & 0xFFFF)) // use this for checking of a correct crc
9455b51c 11uint16_t Iso15693Crc(uint8_t *v, int n);
12int Iso15693AddCrc(uint8_t *req, int n);
3d2c9c9b 13char* Iso15693sprintUID(char *target, uint8_t *uid);
28ae37b7 14unsigned short iclass_crc16(uint8_t *data_p, unsigned short length);
9455b51c 15
9455b51c 16#endif
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