Merge linker scripts in bootrom to have a single linker script for the bootloader...
[proxmark3-svn] / bootrom / Makefile
7e931bbd 1# Makefile for bootrom, see ../common/Makefile.common for common settings\r
6658905f 2\r
8652988d 3# DO NOT use thumb mode in the phase 1 bootloader since that generates a section with glue code\r
4ARMSRC = fromflash.c \r
5THUMBSRC = usb.c bootrom.c\r
6ASMSRC = ram-reset.s flash-reset.s\r
6658905f 7\r
0fc0fca5 8# Do not move this inclusion before the definition of {THUMB,ASM,ARM}{OBJ,SRC}\r
9include ../common/Makefile.common\r
6658905f 10\r
8652988d 11all: $(OBJDIR)/bootrom.s19\r
6658905f 12\r
8652988d 13$(OBJDIR)/bootrom.elf: $(ASMOBJ) $(ARMOBJ) $(THUMBOBJ)\r
7e931bbd 14 $(LD) -g -Tldscript-flash --oformat elf32-littlearm -Map=$(patsubst %.elf,,$@) -o $@ $^\r
6658905f 15\r
6658905f 16clean:\r
7e931bbd 17 $(DELETE) $(OBJDIR)$(PATHSEP)*.o\r
18 $(DELETE) $(OBJDIR)$(PATHSEP)*.elf\r
19 $(DELETE) $(OBJDIR)$(PATHSEP)*.s19\r
20 $(DELETE) $(OBJDIR)$(PATHSEP)*.map\r
0fc0fca5 21 $(DELETE) $(OBJDIR)$(PATHSEP)*.d\r
7e931bbd 22\r
23.PHONY: all clean help\r
25 @echo Multi-OS Makefile, you are running on $(DETECTED_OS)\r
26 @echo Possible targets:\r
8652988d 27 @echo + all - Make $(OBJDIR)/bootrom.s19, the main bootrom\r
7e931bbd 28 @echo + clean - Clean $(OBJDIR)\r
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