also delete *.bin and fpga_compressor when "make clean".
[proxmark3-svn] / zlib / ChangeLog
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2 ChangeLog file for zlib
4Changes in 1.2.8.f-Proxmark3 (for Proxmark3 project only) (26 May 2015)
5- disable decoding of fixed code blocks in deflate (eliminates the need
6 to store the fixed tree in RAM or ROM)
7- disable generating fixed code blocks in inflate
8- look harder for local optimum of consecutive matches and single literals
9 in inflate.
10- stripped down version - unnecessary files from original distribution
11 are not included
13Changes in 1.2.8 (28 Apr 2013)
14- Update contrib/minizip/iowin32.c for Windows RT [Vollant]
15- Do not force Z_CONST for C++