en4rab fixed the 'data samples' command
[proxmark3-svn] / Makefile
db335b3d 1include common/Makefile.common
bd846386 3GZIP=gzip
a79e330d 5all clean: %: bootrom/% armsrc/% client/% recovery/%
db335b3d 6
64b81198 7bootrom/%: FORCE
8 $(MAKE) -C bootrom $(patsubst bootrom/%,%,$@)
9armsrc/%: FORCE
10 $(MAKE) -C armsrc $(patsubst armsrc/%,%,$@)
d5be6f7c 11client/%: FORCE
12 $(MAKE) -C client $(patsubst client/%,%,$@)
a79e330d 13recovery/%: FORCE
14 $(MAKE) -C recovery $(patsubst recovery/%,%,$@)
64b81198 15FORCE: # Dummy target to force remake in the subdirectories, even if files exist (this Makefile doesn't know about the prerequisites)
c2686a49 18.PHONY: all clean help _test flash-bootrom flash-os flash-fpga flash-both flash-all FORCE
db335b3d 19help:
20 @echo Multi-OS Makefile, you are running on $(DETECTED_OS)
21 @echo Possible targets:
64b81198 22 @echo + all - Make bootrom, armsrc and the OS-specific host directory
33bf54cf 23 @echo + client - Make only the OS-specific host directory
64b81198 24 @echo + flash-bootrom - Make bootrom and flash it
25 @echo + flash-os - Make armsrc and flash os
c2686a49 26 @echo + flash-fpga - Make armsrc and flash fpga
64b81198 27 @echo + flash-both - Make armsrc and flash os and fpga image
28 @echo + flash-all - Make bootrom and armsrc and flash bootrom, os and fpga image
29 @echo + clean - Clean in bootrom, armsrc and the OS-specific host directory
33bf54cf 31client: client/all
70b1a685 33flash-bootrom: bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf $(FLASH_TOOL)
c2686a49 34 $(FLASH_TOOL) -b $(subst /,$(PATHSEP),$<)
64b81198 35
70b1a685 36flash-os: armsrc/obj/osimage.elf $(FLASH_TOOL)
c2686a49 37 $(FLASH_TOOL) $(subst /,$(PATHSEP),$<)
39flash-fpga: armsrc/obj/fpgaimage.elf $(FLASH_TOOL)
40 $(FLASH_TOOL) $(subst /,$(PATHSEP),$<)
64b81198 41
70b1a685 42flash-both: armsrc/obj/osimage.elf armsrc/obj/fpgaimage.elf $(FLASH_TOOL)
c2686a49 43 $(FLASH_TOOL) $(subst /,$(PATHSEP),$(filter-out $(FLASH_TOOL),$^))
64b81198 44
70b1a685 45flash-all: bootrom/obj/bootrom.elf armsrc/obj/osimage.elf armsrc/obj/fpgaimage.elf $(FLASH_TOOL)
c2686a49 46 $(FLASH_TOOL) -b $(subst /,$(PATHSEP),$(filter-out $(FLASH_TOOL),$^))
52b3d184 47
bd846386 48newtarbin:
49 $(DELETE) proxmark3-$(platform)-bin.tar proxmark3-$(platform)-bin.tar.gz
50 @touch proxmark3-$(platform)-bin.tar
52tarbin: newtarbin client/tarbin armsrc/tarbin bootrom/tarbin
53 $(GZIP) proxmark3-$(platform)-bin.tar
52b3d184 55# Dummy target to test for GNU make availability
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