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[proxmark3-svn] / armsrc / apps.h
15c4dc5a 1//-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
15c4dc5a 2// Jonathan Westhues, Aug 2005
cee5a30d 3// Gerhard de Koning Gans, April 2008, May 2011
bd20f8f4 4//
5// This code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or,
6// at your option, any later version. See the LICENSE.txt file for the text of
7// the license.
9// Definitions internal to the app source.
15c4dc5a 10//-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
12#ifndef __APPS_H
13#define __APPS_H
f7e3ed82 15#include <stdint.h>
16#include <stddef.h>
d19929cb 17#include "common.h"
18#include "hitag2.h"
902cb3c0 19#include "mifare.h"
15c4dc5a 20
21// The large multi-purpose buffer, typically used to hold A/D samples,
22// maybe processed in some way.
81cd0474 23uint32_t BigBuf[10000];
25#define TRACE_OFFSET 0
26#define TRACE_SIZE 3000
27#define RECV_CMD_OFFSET 3032
28#define RECV_CMD_SIZE 64
29#define RECV_RES_OFFSET 3096
30#define RECV_RES_SIZE 64
31#define DMA_BUFFER_OFFSET 3160
32#define DMA_BUFFER_SIZE 4096
33#define FREE_BUFFER_OFFSET 7256
34#define FREE_BUFFER_SIZE 2744
1e262141 36extern const uint8_t OddByteParity[256];
37extern uint8_t *trace; // = (uint8_t *) BigBuf;
38extern int traceLen; // = 0;
39extern int rsamples; // = 0;
40extern int tracing; // = TRUE;
41extern uint8_t trigger;
15c4dc5a 42
6c1e2d95 43// This may be used (sparingly) to declare a function to be copied to
44// and executed from RAM
45#define RAMFUNC __attribute((long_call, section(".ramfunc")))
15c4dc5a 47/// appmain.h
48void ReadMem(int addr);
49void __attribute__((noreturn)) AppMain(void);
50void SamyRun(void);
51//void DbpIntegers(int a, int b, int c);
52void DbpString(char *str);
53void Dbprintf(const char *fmt, ...);
d19929cb 54void Dbhexdump(int len, uint8_t *d, bool bAsci);
15c4dc5a 55
56int AvgAdc(int ch);
15c4dc5a 58void ToSendStuffBit(int b);
59void ToSendReset(void);
60void ListenReaderField(int limit);
f7e3ed82 61void AcquireRawAdcSamples125k(int at134khz);
b014c96d 62void SnoopLFRawAdcSamples(int divisor, int trigger_threshold);
63void DoAcquisition125k(int trigger_threshold);
15c4dc5a 64extern int ToSendMax;
f7e3ed82 65extern uint8_t ToSend[];
66extern uint32_t BigBuf[];
15c4dc5a 67
68/// fpga.h
f7e3ed82 69void FpgaSendCommand(uint16_t cmd, uint16_t v);
70void FpgaWriteConfWord(uint8_t v);
7cc204bf 71void FpgaDownloadAndGo(int bitstream_version);
72int FpgaGatherBitstreamVersion();
15c4dc5a 73void FpgaGatherVersion(char *dst, int len);
74void FpgaSetupSsc(void);
75void SetupSpi(int mode);
d19929cb 76bool FpgaSetupSscDma(uint8_t *buf, int len);
77#define FpgaDisableSscDma(void) AT91C_BASE_PDC_SSC->PDC_PTCR = AT91C_PDC_RXTDIS;
78#define FpgaEnableSscDma(void) AT91C_BASE_PDC_SSC->PDC_PTCR = AT91C_PDC_RXTEN;
f7e3ed82 79void SetAdcMuxFor(uint32_t whichGpio);
15c4dc5a 80
81// Definitions for the FPGA commands.
7cc204bf 82#define FPGA_CMD_SET_CONFREG (1<<12)
83#define FPGA_CMD_SET_DIVISOR (2<<12)
3b2fee43 84#define FPGA_CMD_SET_USER_BYTE1 (3<<12)
15c4dc5a 85// Definitions for the FPGA configuration word.
7cc204bf 86// LF
b014c96d 87#define FPGA_MAJOR_MODE_LF_ADC (0<<5)
7cc204bf 89#define FPGA_MAJOR_MODE_LF_PASSTHRU (2<<5)
90// HF
94#define FPGA_MAJOR_MODE_HF_ISO14443A (3<<5)
95// BOTH
96#define FPGA_MAJOR_MODE_OFF (7<<5)
b014c96d 97// Options for LF_ADC
98#define FPGA_LF_ADC_READER_FIELD (1<<0)
d19929cb 99// Options for LF_EDGE_DETECT
d19929cb 101#define FPGA_LF_EDGE_DETECT_READER_FIELD (1<<0)
3b2fee43 102#define FPGA_LF_EDGE_DETECT_TOGGLE_MODE (1<<1)
15c4dc5a 103// Options for the HF reader, tx to tag
105// Options for the HF reader, correlating against rx from tag
106#define FPGA_HF_READER_RX_XCORR_848_KHZ (1<<0)
7cc204bf 108#define FPGA_HF_READER_RX_XCORR_QUARTER_FREQ (1<<2)
15c4dc5a 109// Options for the HF simulated tag, how to modulate
112#define FPGA_HF_SIMULATOR_MODULATE_212K (2<<0)
83fd67ba 113#define FPGA_HF_SIMULATOR_MODULATE_424K (4<<0)
15c4dc5a 114// Options for ISO14443A
7cc204bf 115#define FPGA_HF_ISO14443A_SNIFFER (0<<0)
15c4dc5a 116#define FPGA_HF_ISO14443A_TAGSIM_LISTEN (1<<0)
117#define FPGA_HF_ISO14443A_TAGSIM_MOD (2<<0)
118#define FPGA_HF_ISO14443A_READER_LISTEN (3<<0)
119#define FPGA_HF_ISO14443A_READER_MOD (4<<0)
121/// lfops.h
bf7163bd 122void AcquireRawAdcSamples125k(int divisor);
f7e3ed82 123void ModThenAcquireRawAdcSamples125k(int delay_off,int period_0,int period_1,uint8_t *command);
15c4dc5a 124void ReadTItag(void);
f7e3ed82 125void WriteTItag(uint32_t idhi, uint32_t idlo, uint16_t crc);
15c4dc5a 126void AcquireTiType(void);
127void AcquireRawBitsTI(void);
128void SimulateTagLowFrequency(int period, int gap, int ledcontrol);
129void CmdHIDsimTAG(int hi, int lo, int ledcontrol);
130void CmdHIDdemodFSK(int findone, int *high, int *low, int ledcontrol);
a1f3bb12 131void CmdIOdemodFSK(int findone, int *high, int *low, int ledcontrol);
132void CopyIOtoT55x7(uint32_t hi, uint32_t lo, uint8_t longFMT); // Clone an ioProx card to T5557/T5567
15c4dc5a 133void SimulateTagLowFrequencyBidir(int divisor, int max_bitlen);
54a942b0 134void CopyHIDtoT55x7(uint32_t hi2, uint32_t hi, uint32_t lo, uint8_t longFMT); // Clone an HID card to T5557/T5567
2d4eae76 135void WriteEM410x(uint32_t card, uint32_t id_hi, uint32_t id_lo);
2414f978 136void CopyIndala64toT55x7(int hi, int lo); // Clone Indala 64-bit tag by UID to T55x7
137void CopyIndala224toT55x7(int uid1, int uid2, int uid3, int uid4, int uid5, int uid6, int uid7); // Clone Indala 224-bit tag by UID to T55x7
54a942b0 138void T55xxWriteBlock(uint32_t Data, uint32_t Block, uint32_t Pwd, uint8_t PwdMode);
139void T55xxReadBlock(uint32_t Block, uint32_t Pwd, uint8_t PwdMode );
140void T55xxReadTrace(void);
141int DemodPCF7931(uint8_t **outBlocks);
142int IsBlock0PCF7931(uint8_t *Block);
143int IsBlock1PCF7931(uint8_t *Block);
144void ReadPCF7931();
145void EM4xReadWord(uint8_t Address, uint32_t Pwd, uint8_t PwdMode);
146void EM4xWriteWord(uint32_t Data, uint8_t Address, uint32_t Pwd, uint8_t PwdMode);
15c4dc5a 147
148/// iso14443.h
149void SimulateIso14443Tag(void);
f7e3ed82 150void AcquireRawAdcSamplesIso14443(uint32_t parameter);
7cf3ef20 151void ReadSTMemoryIso14443(uint32_t);
0f7f9edc 152void RAMFUNC SnoopIso14443(void);
7cf3ef20 153void SendRawCommand14443B(uint32_t, uint32_t, uint8_t, uint8_t[]);
15c4dc5a 154
155/// iso14443a.h
5cd9ec01 156void RAMFUNC SnoopIso14443a(uint8_t param);
28afbd2b 157void SimulateIso14443aTag(int tagType, int uid_1st, int uid_2nd, byte_t* data);
902cb3c0 158void ReaderIso14443a(UsbCommand * c);
1e262141 159// Also used in iclass.c
17cba269 160bool RAMFUNC LogTrace(const uint8_t * btBytes, uint8_t iLen, uint32_t iSamples, uint32_t dwParity, bool readerToTag);
1e262141 161uint32_t GetParity(const uint8_t * pbtCmd, int iLen);
902cb3c0 162void iso14a_set_trigger(bool enable);
163void iso14a_clear_trace();
164void iso14a_set_tracing(bool enable);
5cd9ec01 165void RAMFUNC SniffMifare(uint8_t param);
8556b852 166
5acd09bd 167/// epa.h
902cb3c0 168void EPA_PACE_Collect_Nonce(UsbCommand * c);
5acd09bd 169
8556b852 170// mifarecmd.h
1c611bbd 171void ReaderMifare(bool first_try);
9492e0b0 172int32_t dist_nt(uint32_t nt1, uint32_t nt2);
20f9a2a1 173void MifareReadBlock(uint8_t arg0, uint8_t arg1, uint8_t arg2, uint8_t *data);
981bd429 174void MifareUReadBlock(uint8_t arg0,uint8_t *datain);
175void MifareUReadCard(uint8_t arg0,uint8_t *datain);
176void MifareReadSector(uint8_t arg0, uint8_t arg1, uint8_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
177void MifareWriteBlock(uint8_t arg0, uint8_t arg1, uint8_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
981bd429 178void MifareUWriteBlock(uint8_t arg0,uint8_t *datain);
179void MifareUWriteBlock_Special(uint8_t arg0,uint8_t *datain);
180void MifareNested(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
181void MifareChkKeys(uint8_t arg0, uint8_t arg1, uint8_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
20f9a2a1 182void Mifare1ksim(uint8_t arg0, uint8_t arg1, uint8_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
183void MifareSetDbgLvl(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
184void MifareEMemClr(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
185void MifareEMemSet(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
186void MifareEMemGet(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
187void MifareECardLoad(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
0675f200 188void MifareCSetBlock(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain); // Work with "magic Chinese" card
545a1f38 189void MifareCGetBlock(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
15c4dc5a 190
191/// iso15693.h
9455b51c 192void RecordRawAdcSamplesIso15693(void);
15c4dc5a 193void AcquireRawAdcSamplesIso15693(void);
f7e3ed82 194void ReaderIso15693(uint32_t parameter); // Simulate an ISO15693 reader - greg
195void SimTagIso15693(uint32_t parameter); // simulate an ISO15693 tag - greg
9455b51c 196void BruteforceIso15693Afi(uint32_t speed); // find an AFI of a tag - atrox
197void DirectTag15693Command(uint32_t datalen,uint32_t speed, uint32_t recv, uint8_t data[]); // send arbitrary commands from CLI - atrox
198void SetDebugIso15693(uint32_t flag);
15c4dc5a 199
cee5a30d 200/// iclass.h
201void RAMFUNC SnoopIClass(void);
ff7bb4ef 202void SimulateIClass(uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, uint8_t *datain);
1e262141 203void ReaderIClass(uint8_t arg0);
c3963755 204void ReaderIClass_Replay(uint8_t arg0,uint8_t *MAC);
fecd8202 205void IClass_iso14443A_GetPublic(uint8_t arg0);
cee5a30d 206
d19929cb 207// hitag2.h
208void SnoopHitag(uint32_t type);
209void SimulateHitagTag(bool tag_mem_supplied, byte_t* data);
210void ReaderHitag(hitag_function htf, hitag_data* htd);
6e82300d 212// cmd.h
213bool cmd_receive(UsbCommand* cmd);
79a73ab2 214bool cmd_send(uint32_t cmd, uint32_t arg0, uint32_t arg1, uint32_t arg2, void* data, size_t len);
6e82300d 215
15c4dc5a 216/// util.h
15c4dc5a 217
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