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1584e0ee 1em4102-clamshell.pm3: Samy's clamshell EM4102 tag (ID: 1f00d9b3a5)
2em4102-thin.pm3: Samy's thin credit-card style EM4102 tag (ID: 1a0041375d)
8f61ef56 3EM4102-1.pm3: credit card style card EM4102 tag (ID: 010872e77c)
4EM4102-2.pm3: credit card style card EM4102 tag (ID: 010872beec)
5EM4102-3.pm3: credit card style card EM4102 tag (ID: 010872e14f)
cef010bc 6em4x05.pm3: ear tag FDX-B ISO-11784/5 (ID: 6DB0840800F80001 - Application Identifier: 8000, Country Code: 124 (Canada), National ID: 270601654)
7em4x50.pm3: credit card style card EM4x50 tag (ID: DE2A3F00)
ababf782 8hid-proxCardII-05512-11432784-1.pm3: clamshell-style HID ProxCard II card
8f61ef56 9indala-00002-12345678-1A: Indala credit-card style card
ddbe6ff4 10homeagain.pm3: HomeAgain animal (cat) tag - ID 985121004515220
11homeagain1600.pm3: HomeAgain animal (cat) tag - ID 985121004515220
3749f430 12keri.pm3: Keri PSK-3 Key Ring tag (back of tag: 1460 3411)
ac86b656 13Transit999-best.pm3: Transit 999 format (UID 99531670)
a7bb811d 14
15The files 'modulation-'... are all encoded with identical data (hex 00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 0A 0B)
16for the purpose of recognition and testing of demodulation schemes. They were created by writing Q5 tags
17appropriately configured. The raw data is in 'modulation-data.dat'.
4118b74d 18
19ata5577-HIDemu-FC1-C9.pm3: ata5577 in hid prox 26 bit emulation facility code:1 card#:9
20casi-12ed825c29.pm3: casi rusco 40 bit (EM410x ID: 12ed825c29)
21EM4102-Fob.pm3: (ID: 0400193cbe)
22ioprox-XSF-01-3B-44725.pm3: IO Prox FSK RF/64 ID in name
23ioprox-XSF-01-BE-03011.pm3: IO Prox FSK RF/64 ID in name
003ac42c 24indala-504278295.pm3: PSK 26 bit indala
25AWID-15-259.pm3: AWID FSK RF/50 FC: 15 Card: 259
26HID-weak-fob-11647.pm3: HID 32bit Prox Card#: 11647. very weak tag/read but just readable.
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