Finalized migration to new USB CDC interface
[proxmark3-svn] / traces /
2012-01-26 fnargwibble@gmail.comExample traces for modulation recognition / testing
2009-09-10 mandemod initialisation and add Transit tag trace
2009-07-30 skamkarkeri tag trace
2009-07-23 the identification details
2009-07-23[ryan] home again cat tag traces
2009-07-20 d18c7dbThis version code now reads a TI tag properly.
2009-07-19 d18c7dbTrace from TI 23mm glass tag.
2009-07-03 traces for em4x05 and em4x50
2009-07-03 skamkardocumented tag IDs for the 3 new EM4102 traces
2009-07-02 edouard@lafargue... Added traces for EM4102, HID Prox II and Indala LF...
2009-07-02 skamkarVarious traces from tags for testing and educational...
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