Added / modified SAK descriptions.
[proxmark3-svn] / client / cmdhf14a.c
2012-02-05 W8M2Hg9lLmWqXSGCAdded / modified SAK descriptions.
2011-11-04 Merlokbr@gmail.com1. update SAK
2011-06-10 Merlokbr@gmail.com0. its alpha version!!!
2011-06-07 Merlokbr@gmail.com1. fixed hf 14a mifare. added functionality to ignore...
2011-06-01 Merlokbr@gmail.com1. small bugfix in hf 14a mifare
2011-05-31 Merlokbr@gmail.comimproved version of "hf 14a mifare" command
2011-05-26 Merlokbr@gmail.comnested authentication works ok (tested)
2011-05-26 Merlokbr@gmail.com1. Mifare read block command
2010-07-13 reader patches [Hagen Fritsch]
2010-02-21 izsh@fail0verflow.comAdd License/Copyright headers/notices. Please add your...
2010-02-07 rid of implicit declaration warnings
2010-02-04 izsh.f0fClient cleanup and restructuring. Stage 1...
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