save 2.3K flash-memory by avoiding a single floating point operation (#630)
[proxmark3-svn] / armsrc / util.c
2018-07-26 pwpiwisave 2.3K flash-memory by avoiding a single floating...
2017-11-28 IcemanMerge pull request #488 from pwpiwi/fix_usbpower
2017-11-24 IcemanMerge pull request #486 from KenzyCarey/master
2017-11-21 pwpiwifix: avoid SspClk overflow due to incomplete reset
2017-02-08 pwpiwiMerge pull request #211 from marshmellow42/master
2017-02-03 marshmellow42Add @Iceman1001 s cotag read
2017-01-31 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2017-01-28 pwpiwiMerge pull request #209 from micolous/14a-random-nonce
2017-01-26 Michael FarrellAdds random nonce (r) option to `hf mf sim`.
2016-04-03 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #168 from zhovner/master
2016-02-15 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into... 119/head
2015-10-07 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'Proxmark/master' into...
2015-08-25 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into topaz
2015-07-29 pwpiwiadd: USB Speed Test to hw status
2015-07-01 pwpiwiMerge branch 'master' into topaz
2015-06-29 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' into...
2015-06-24 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 122/head
2015-06-24 pwpiwiMerge pull request #109 from pwpiwi/image_shrink
2015-05-26 pwpiwialso delete *.bin and fpga_compressor when "make clean".
2015-02-15 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' 67/head
2015-02-13 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #63 from marshmellow42/master
2015-02-10 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #58 from Proxmark/GenericTracing
2015-02-10 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' into GenericTracing 58/head
2015-02-07 Martin Holst SwendeSome documentation and formatting to LogTraceHitag
2015-02-07 Martin Holst SwendeGeneric tracing; removed iso14a_XX-functions, removed...
2015-02-06 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' into GenericTracing
2015-01-21 Martin Holst SwendeGeneric tracing pt.3 : reworking how iso14443b-traces...
2015-01-18 Martin Holst SwendeGeneric trace pt2: made iso14443b use standard trace...
2015-01-18 Martin Holst SwendeGeneric trace pt1: Moved arm-side trace functionality...
2015-01-15 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'master' of
2015-01-13 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-01-13 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #40 from holiman/master
2015-01-08 iceman1001Merge branch 'master' of
2015-01-07 iceman1001CHG: minor code clean up in ArmSrc.
2014-10-30 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #23 from holiman/master
2014-10-28 Martin Holst SwendeMerge pull request #2 from holiman/coverity_fixes 23/head
2014-10-28 Martin Holst SwendeCoverity-fixes in armsrc
2014-10-24 Martin Holst SwendeFirst try att merging with head
2014-06-28 Martin Holst SwendeMerge branch 'iclass-research' of
2014-04-04 Martin Holst SwendeFinal (?) fixes to git versioning
2014-04-02 ikarusUpdated nameing (svn -> git) & fixed whitespaces.
2014-03-25 holimanMerge pull request #8 from pwpiwi/master
2014-03-25 pwpiwiImprovements/Fixes to 14443 sniffing/snooping 8/head
2014-02-19 fixed iso1443a ManchesterDecoder in order to fix...
2013-09-16 martin.holst@gmail.commerged trunk changes into branch
2013-09-15 micki.held@gmx.deMajor rework of hf mf nested:
2013-09-01 martin.holst@gmail.comMerged latest trunk changes into scripting-branch
2013-07-08 commit message)
2013-04-03 roel@libnfc.orgremoved redundant function to compose reader short...
2012-06-29 roel@libnfc.orgfixed a lot of simulation issues
2011-06-16 Merlokbr@gmail.com1. fixed send manchester
2011-06-14 Merlokbr@gmail.comalpha2 mifare emulator
2011-06-10 Merlokbr@gmail.com0. its alpha version!!!
2010-02-21 marcansoftAdd license headers to armsrc/bootrom/common stuff
2010-02-21 marcansoftSplit str* and mem* into string.[ch]
2010-02-20 marcansoftClean up data types, some header cleanup, etc.
2010-02-20 marcansoftMore en masse cleanup (whitespace/newlines/headers...
2009-12-30 roel@libnfc.orgmifare firmware update
2009-09-29 d18c7dbPushed standard AT91 defines into main code
2009-08-28 henryk@ploetzli.chImplement version information storage and retrieval...
2009-08-28 henryk@ploetzli.chAdd version command
2009-07-19 d18c7dbTidy up of SpinDelay
2009-07-13 skamkarAdded stand-alone mode (no PC) with HID reading and...
2009-04-09 edouard@lafargue... Initial commit for the firmware. Used the 20090306_ela...
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