2015-05-26 pwpiwiTailor zlib to our needs:
2015-05-26 pwpiwifpga_compress: interleave (combine) fpga_lf.bit and...
2015-05-26 pwpiwireplaced gzip with an own compressor tool (fpga_compres...
2015-05-26 pwpiwiFinish support for compressed FPGA images in fpgaloader.c
2015-05-26 pwpiwiadd: compress fpga images during compile, uncompress...
2015-05-26 pwpiwiadd: hw ver: show FPGA versions for both HF and LF...
2015-05-24 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #107 from p-l-/fix-hfmf
2015-05-24 Pierre LALETFix filenames for hf mf cload / csave 107/head
2015-05-24 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #106 from p-l-/fix-hfmfeload
2015-05-24 Pierre LALETFix filenames for hf mf esave / eload 106/head
2015-05-24 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #102 from marshmellow42/master
2015-05-24 marshmellow42fix mfu dump getbigbuffer bug 102/head
2015-05-22 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #101 from marshmellow42/master
2015-05-22 marshmellow42hf mfu minor output adjustments 101/head
2015-05-22 marshmellow42mfu info authkeyptr fix
2015-05-22 marshmellow42fix to dump cmd print keys.
2015-05-21 marshmellow42hf mfu bug fixes, and help text fixes
2015-05-20 marshmellow42further mfu info updates
2015-05-20 marshmellow42finish NTAG i2c +...
2015-05-20 marshmellow42finish NTAG i2c +...
2015-05-20 marshmellow42ULEV1_48 had the wrong max block
2015-05-20 marshmellow42minor adjustments to hf mfu
2015-05-20 marshmellow42Add NTAG i2c and bug fix
2015-05-20 marshmellow42Add ntag 210, 212, 203 and bug fix
2015-05-19 marshmellow42missed file in previous commit...
2015-05-19 marshmellow42hf mfu dump - bigbuf allocation fix
2015-05-19 marshmellow42@iceman1001 s comments/updates mfu cmds
2015-05-18 marshmellow42MF ultralight code cleanup
2015-05-18 marshmellow42Iceman1001 s MFU clean up
2015-05-16 marshmellow42mfu info / dump attempt at missing auths
2015-05-15 marshmellow42mfu dump - beginning of additions
2015-05-15 marshmellow42hf mfu dump testing
2015-05-15 marshmellow42@iceman1001 s default keys
2015-05-14 marshmellow42@iceman1001 's updated lualibs
2015-05-14 marshmellow42@iceman1001 updated scripts
2015-05-14 marshmellow42scripting updates from @iceman1001
2015-05-13 marshmellow42minor hf mfu info adjustment from @iceman1001
2015-05-13 marshmellow42@iceman1001 s coverity scan fixes
2015-05-13 marshmellow42various bug fixes
2015-05-12 marshmellow42hf mfu info - ICEMANS updates
2015-05-12 marshmellow42HF Search - refactoring cmds to work with it
2015-05-12 marshmellow42hf search - prelim - re-use hf mfu GetTagType...
2015-05-11 marshmellow42hf mfu info bugs
2015-05-11 marshmellow42minor hf mfu output consistancies
2015-05-11 marshmellow42hf mfu info - ICEMANS bug fixes.
2015-05-11 marshmellow42hf mfu info bug fixes
2015-05-08 marshmellow42minor adjustments to mfu info
2015-05-07 marshmellow42further MFU info updates (mainly icemans)
2015-05-06 marshmellow42MFU adj to allow 0 len returns on raw cmds
2015-05-06 marshmellow42MFU adjustment to allow 0 len returns from raw cmds
2015-05-06 marshmellow42MFU info adjustments
2015-05-06 marshmellow42MFU - Icemans further improvements
2015-05-04 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-05-04 marshmellow42MFU dump UL-C with key
2015-05-03 Martin Holst... Fixes to issue #100
2015-05-03 marshmellow42Icemans UL-C Auth dev side fix plus a few other ...
2015-04-30 marshmellow42fix bug in mfu cauth
2015-04-30 marshmellow42Iceman's updates to MFU info and dump
2015-04-29 marshmellow42MF Ultralight - Iceman's updates + mine
2015-04-29 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #99 from Drewgoo/patch-1
2015-04-29 DrewgooUpdate README.txt 99/head
2015-04-28 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #98 from marshmellow42/master
2015-04-28 marshmellow42Iceman's script aes fix #93 98/head
2015-04-28 marshmellow42Iceman's mf sim 7bt UID fix from #97
2015-04-28 marshmellow42Iceman's Issue #96 fix
2015-04-23 Martin Holst... Merge branch 'master' of
2015-04-23 Martin Holst... Fixed issue with dumping iclass tags > 2KB in size
2015-04-14 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #92 from marshmellow42/master
2015-04-10 marshmellow42minor change to lf em4x menu & iceman script... 92/head
2015-04-08 marshmellow42nexwatch fix .h file + icemans mf csetblk w arg
2015-04-08 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-04-08 marshmellow42added nexwatch demod & iceman lua
2015-04-08 marshmellow42fix to lf t5 detect/read cmds
2015-04-08 marshmellow42update t5 detection test()
2015-04-08 Martin Holst... Fixed buffer initialization errors, as reported in...
2015-04-08 marshmellow42lf ask consolidation
2015-04-07 marshmellow42lf cleaning++
2015-04-07 marshmellow42lf cleanup - fixes
2015-04-06 Martin Holst... Added info to changelog about bootroom update
2015-04-06 marshmellow42add maxErr to data manrawdecode
2015-04-05 marshmellow42lf t5xx - icemans update
2015-04-05 marshmellow42lf cleaning
2015-04-05 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-04-03 marshmellow42update changelog
2015-04-03 marshmellow42lfdemod reduce duplicate code
2015-04-02 marshmellow42lfem4x cleanup/add/fix
2015-04-01 Martin Holst... Compiler correctly identified a buffer overflow, fixed...
2015-03-31 pwpiwiMerge pull request #89 from pwpiwi/image_shrink
2015-03-31 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #91 from marshmellow42/master
2015-03-31 pwpiwitemporarily revert lfdemod float removal 89/head
2015-03-31 marshmellow42small fix in t5 trace data 91/head
2015-03-31 marshmellow42remove floats per piwi
2015-03-31 pwpiwiReclaim more than 19K of ARM flash memory.
2015-03-30 Martin Holst... Created a changelog, to be used in accordance with...
2015-03-29 Martin Holst... Minor mod to 'hf iclass read', it now also reads and...
2015-03-28 marshmellow42Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'
2015-03-28 marshmellow42rawdemod param cleanup
2015-03-27 marshmellow42lfdemods streamline & bug fixes
2015-03-25 Martin Holst... Merge pull request #86 from marshmellow42/master
2015-03-25 marshmellow42Fixed indents to Tabs from Spaces 86/head
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