fix memory leak
[rigol] / rigol.c
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothnew "display" command to just show the display content
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothmove command functions in own file
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothsplit out USB functions to separate file
2010-06-06 Michael Gernotherror checks, bug fixes
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothadd png output for screenshots
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothbeginning of png
2010-06-06 Michael Gernothadd command "screen" to save a screenshot
2010-05-30 Michael Gernothreindent files
2010-05-30 Michael Gernothget rid of unneeded global variable
2010-05-30 Michael Gernothget rid of signed/unsigned warnings
2010-05-30 Michael GernothInitial import of rew's USB control software for rigol...
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