2013-06-28 Michael Gernothrx/tx switching now handled in rf_asksin master
2013-06-28 Michael Gernothrebase against r378
2013-06-27 Michael Gernothhandle RX/TX switching and respect CCA
2013-06-27 Michael Gernothrebase against V1.56
2013-06-21 Michael GernothRevert "go back to hardware packet handling"
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothgo back to hardware packet handling
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothmore errata 1...
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothfix typo in comment
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothfix comment
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothno need for inline
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothfix logic error in comparison and handle rx overflow
2013-06-21 Michael Gernothhandle errata 1, add timeouts in rx
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothsanity check at the right place
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothtry even harder to not drop any packets
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothbetter fix for receiving multiple packets, read them...
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothdon't get confused when more than one packet is received
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothno need for magic abort values in ASKSIN_CFG
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothalways send a short (10ms) preamble, fixes more lost...
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothfix comment
2013-06-20 Michael Gernothadd WIP culfw patches to fix asksin problems with lost...
2013-06-19 Michael Gernothflash radio-only-fw
2013-06-18 Michael Gernothadd support for communicating with the wired gateway
2013-06-03 Michael Gernothback to the beginning...
2013-06-03 Michael Gernothfix coc-as-cuno
2013-06-03 Michael GernothCUL stuff for OpenWRT
2013-06-03 Michael Gernothcul-terminal
2013-06-03 Michael Gernothcul-update
2013-06-02 Michael Gernothuse BUS-variable for onewire too
2013-06-02 Michael Gernothtypo...
2013-06-02 Michael GernothHMLAN AES-CFB implementation
2013-06-02 Michael GernothCOC helper-scripts with RPi version detection
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