only start running, when the dcm is locked
[fpga-games] / galaxian / src / mc_top.v
2008-05-22 Michael Gernothonly start running, when the dcm is locked
2008-05-19 Michael Gernothfix clock for LRAM
2008-05-18 Michael Gernothremove clock skew introduced by BUFGs
2008-05-15 Michael Gernothcleanup clocks
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothcleanup rom usage
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothchange timing for rom access
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothcolour fix
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothmatch bit order of vga output to bit order of Spartan...
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothfaster clock for roms
2008-05-01 Michael Gernothpicture getting better again
2008-04-30 Michael Gernothfix rom address decoder
2008-04-29 Michael Gernothfix vga colours
2008-04-29 Michael Gernothbuttons
2008-04-29 Michael Gernothclockgen
2008-04-29 Michael Gernothgalaxians
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