build-system: update for OpenWRT/LEDE package
[hmcfgusb] / Makefile
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothbuild-system: update for OpenWRT/LEDE package
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add AES-support for culfw-devices
2015-09-01 Michael Gernothhmland: use ASCII-conversion from util.c
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothadd OTA support for culfw-based devices
2014-02-16 Michael GernothAdd flasher for OTA devices
2014-02-15 Michael Gernothsplit out firmware-reading into own module
2014-02-10 Michael Gernothfirmware-updater works now (needs hmusbif.enc)
2014-01-18 Michael Gernothlink against librt, too
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothadd non-working firmware-flasher
2013-06-12 Michael Gernothfix linker parameter order
2013-05-30 Michael Gernothbeginning of hmsniff, a small HomeMatic sniffer/dissector
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothlibusb-based driver for HM-CFG-USB and an initial HM...
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