connect LEDs on IDE board to main FPGA and let them blink
[raggedstone] / dhwk_old / dhwk.ut
ebba63a9 1
3-g DebugBitstream:No
4-g Binary:no
5-g CRC:Enable
6-g ConfigRate:6
7-g CclkPin:PullUp
8-g M0Pin:PullUp
9-g M1Pin:PullUp
10-g M2Pin:PullUp
11-g ProgPin:PullUp
12-g DonePin:PullUp
13-g TckPin:PullUp
14-g TdiPin:PullUp
15-g TdoPin:PullUp
16-g TmsPin:PullUp
17-g UnusedPin:PullUp
18-g UserID:0xFFFFFFFF
19-g DCIUpdateMode:AsRequired
20-g StartUpClk:CClk
21-g DONE_cycle:4
22-g GTS_cycle:5
23-g GWE_cycle:6
24-g LCK_cycle:NoWait
25-g Security:None
26-g DonePipe:No
27-g DriveDone:No
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