make sure to touch the ngc file when synthesis completes, even if unchanged
[raggedstone] / common / Makefile.common
2008-03-27 Michael Gernothmake sure to touch the ngc file when synthesis complete...
2008-03-27 Michael Gernothonly regenerate cores when needed, and not on every...
2007-03-11 michaelrevert previous Makefile commit, delete *.cdc files...
2007-03-11 michaelworking vio
2007-03-11 michaelbugfix
2007-03-11 michaelreally fix deps
2007-03-11 michaelfix dependencies
2007-03-11 michaeladd analyzer target
2007-03-10 michaelcleaner
2007-03-10 michaelmake clean makes really clean now
2007-03-10 michaelremove build fifo, ila and icon
2007-03-05 michaeladd sources for ide daughterboard cpld
2007-02-25 michaelmake load DRIVER=/home/michael/Raggedstone/usb-driver...
2007-02-11 michaelfix dependencies
2007-02-11 michaelmove common files to common subdir
2007-02-11 michaelcommon makefile
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