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[usb-driver] / usb-driver.c
2010-05-26 Michael GernothMore robust search for filename in memory at runtime
2010-05-24 Michael GernothDynamically search for /proc/sys/dev/parport/%s/base...
2010-05-24 Michael Gernothfull support for parallel ports on ISE 12
2010-05-24 Michael GernothOverload XilCommNS::CPortResources::Instance
2010-05-24 Michael Gernothdeclare variables at the beginning of the scope
2010-05-23 Michael GernothAdd initial parallel port support for ISE 12.
2010-05-23 Michael GernothAlways set return value for parallel ports
2010-05-23 Michael Gernothfix ISE 12 support on 64bit
2010-05-22 Michael GernothDon't overload uname but set personality in library...
2010-05-22 Michael Gernothfix prototype for _Z14isModuleLoadedPci
2010-05-22 Michael Gernothsupport for ISE 12
2008-11-27 Michael GernothLet usb-driver work with a no-module kernel by Gyorgy...
2008-09-23 Michael Gernothcable sharing for USB needs to overload semop, this...
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothimprove debug output
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothimplement support for multiple XPCU cables for ISE...
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothpass pointer to usb-driver structure through impact
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothmake it possible to return an error everywhere
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothmove interrupt functions to xpcu.c
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothrework more XPCU code. INT_* still needs to be moved
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothmove card_type into xpcu_s
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothadd xpcu_set_interface
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothadd xpcu_close
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothmove XPCU transfer function
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothbegin separating XPCU functions into own file
2008-04-10 Michael Gernothrelease usb-device on close
2008-04-10 Michael Gernothfix usb_reset. sharing the cable between applications...
2008-04-10 Michael Gernothmake it possible to share the USB and parallel cable...
2008-04-10 Michael Gernothreset the USB cable when /dev/windrvr6 is closed.
2008-03-29 Michael GernothFix 32-bit ISE 10.1 on 64-bit platform.
2007-11-03 Michael Gernothdo not export unnecessary symbols
2007-09-06 Michael Gernothbe compatible with libusb-versions without dev->devnum...
2007-08-29 Michael GernothMerge branch 'master' of agrajag.zerfleddert.de:/git...
2007-08-29 Michael Gernothignore bus-id on XILINX_USB_DEV setting missing a device-id
2007-08-26 Michael Gernothmake it possible to specify the USB bus
2007-08-24 Michael Gernothsupport for multiple USB cables by Mondrian Nuessle...
2007-06-29 Michael Gernothonly close the parallel port when it was really openend
2007-05-19 Michael Gernothbetter check for NULL on access
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothreturn -1 if pathname passed to accept is a null-pointer.
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothadd something versionlike for the git-tracked usb-driver
2007-05-01 michaelconfig parser to associate ftdi2232 devices with parall...
2007-04-30 michaelmore parts of the config infrastructure
2007-04-30 michaelunify parallel and jtagkey interface
2007-04-29 michaelstart of configuration infrastructure
2007-04-29 michaelmuch faster programming via FTDI2232 now.
2007-04-29 michaelimprove performance by
2007-04-29 michaelpass MULTI_TRANSFER to jtagkey_transfer, so it can...
2007-04-29 michaelsome cleanups
2007-04-29 michaelpreliminary support for amontec jtagkey.
2007-04-08 michaelmake parallel port numbers permanent across program...
2007-04-06 michaelgenerate a better driver identification
2007-04-02 michaelrename TRENZ define to FORCE_PC3_IDENT and document...
2007-04-02 michaelAdd hack to force the detection of a parallel cable...
2007-04-01 michaelreally support multiple parallel ports
2007-04-01 michaelBUGFIX: enable cables not connected to the primary...
2007-03-17 michaeladd other tested software
2007-03-17 michaelparallel cable transfer cleanup
2007-03-17 michaelcleanup parallel support a bit
2007-03-15 michaelalways set ecpbase correctly.
2007-03-14 michaelimpact requests ECP addresses, even when ECP is not...
2007-03-14 michaelprint errorstring when /dev/parportX can't be opened
2007-03-14 michaelAdd support for Parallel Cable III (and clones)
2007-03-14 michaelhandle other TRANSFER commands not used by USB ;-)
2007-03-14 michaeladd another ioctl-stub
2007-03-14 michaelremove ugly defines for 64bit support and solve the...
2007-03-14 michaeladd support for ise 8.1i
2007-03-11 michaelallow concurrent access to the cable
2007-03-10 michaelfix 64bit and add DEBUG shared object
2007-03-10 michaelrevert most of last 64bit cleanup, as windrvr doesn...
2007-03-10 michaeldo not undef DEBUG
2007-03-10 michaelfix some 64bit issues, probably...
2007-03-04 michaelbetter fix for windrvrfd when device is not opened
2007-03-04 michaelBUG-Fix: Do not do ioctls on fd == 0
2007-02-25 michaelbe a bit more intelligent in 'interrupt' handling
2007-02-25 michaelsome cleanups
2007-02-25 michaelemulate access function, too. now even the device node...
2007-02-25 michaelreturn wd version 802
2007-02-25 michaelreturn parport_pc in list of loaded modules so impact...
2007-02-25 michaelreplace a magic value by its name
2007-02-25 michaelsome small cleanups
2007-02-25 michaelrename sources
2007-02-24 michaeluse a pthread mutex for interrupts
2007-02-24 michaelemulate /proc/modules, too
2007-02-24 michaelthis works :-)
2007-02-24 michaelTransferred: 180 (write)
2007-02-24 michaelHo Hum
2007-02-24 michaelHalleluja
2007-02-24 michaelhmmpf
2007-02-22 michaelhint for me how to solve current problem
2007-02-22 michael...
2007-02-22 michaelmore working code
2007-02-22 michaelimpact loops now...
2007-02-22 michaelsmall fixes
2007-02-22 michaelfill in struct
2007-02-22 michaelcorrectly calculate device_info_size, as all struct...
2007-02-22 michaelconfig descriptor
2007-02-22 michael...
2007-02-22 michaelmore
2007-02-22 michaelimpact finds the device!
2007-02-22 michaelfind the device!
2007-02-22 michaelinit libusb
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