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This repository is the successor of my Mac OS X patch
This micropolis version works on OS X, Linux and Solaris.
Download the latest snapshot of micropolis as .tar.gz

You can download an automatically updated diff for use with the released micropolis sources.
All intermediate patches against the original source are available with stable locations (e.g. for inclusion in a Ports-file) at:
2016-03-06 Alexander Ovchinnikovmicropolis-activity: fails to build with clang instead... master
2015-11-27 Michael Gernothsim/w_x.c: initialize view->auto_y_goal
2010-12-18 Michael Gernothshow less event history on small screens
2010-12-18 Michael Gernothadd button to hide mini-map
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothshow mini-map when hovering over the empty mini-map...
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothimplement small-screen support for the initial micropol...
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothbegin suppport for smaller screens, currently just...
2010-01-09 Kamal MostafaAvoid SIGLOST==SIGPWR namespace collision on sparc...
2009-10-11 Michael Gernothmake monster behaviour configurable
2009-10-09 Michael Gernothwater will not kill the monster
2009-10-09 Michael Gernothlet the monster survive if it is born in a river
2009-10-02 Michael Gernothchange SDL linking to work with newer SDL versions...
2009-09-08 Michael Gernothallow overriding $CC for tclx
2009-09-08 Michael GernothFix the last warning on x86_64
2009-09-07 Michael GernothEnable warnings and fix them, all of them
2008-02-12 Michael Gernothprevent forking a huge number of player processes by...
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