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[micropolis] / res /
2010-12-18 Michael Gernothshow less event history on small screens
2010-12-18 Michael Gernothadd button to hide mini-map
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothshow mini-map when hovering over the empty mini-map...
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothimplement small-screen support for the initial micropol...
2010-12-16 Michael Gernothbegin suppport for smaller screens, currently just...
2008-02-11 Michael Gernothuse old forking player when SDL_mixer is not available
2008-02-11 Michael Gernothreenable ui sounds played by UIMakeSound
2008-02-10 Deanna PhillipsAdd an SDL sound backend and use it instead of spawning...
2008-02-03 Michael Gernothremove executable bit from sounds
2008-02-03 Michael Gernothsearch sounds and player in $ResourceDir
2008-01-27 Michael Gernothavoid black flashing on scenario description
2008-01-27 Michael Gernothcleanup UILoseGame
2008-01-27 Michael Gernothdon't quit immediately when the user loses a scenario...
2008-01-26 Michael Gernothshow description (including time limit) when hovering...
2008-01-26 Michael Gernothhandle spaces in path-names, too
2008-01-26 Michael Gernothhandle spaces in filenames
2008-01-26 Michael GernothAdd "Pause" to Priority menu
2008-01-25 Michael Gernothfix remaining NumLock problems by teaching tk to detect...
2008-01-24 Michael Gernothre-add (disabled) air crash disaster
2008-01-23 Michael Gernothallow scenario window to be closed
2008-01-20 Michael Gernothfix typo in crime alert
2008-01-16 Michael Gernothfix multiplayer mode
2008-01-15 Michael Gernothshrink game window to fit on screen if necessary
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothuse bash builtin to detect player
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothsh compatibility fixes
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothfix height of windows in column 1
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothcorrectly resize editor window to be in sync with the...
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothresize editor when resizing window
2008-01-14 Michael Gernothallow window to be resized
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothadd afplay to player script
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothinform user, when no audio player is found
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothsearch for available audioplayer
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothignore SIGCHLD to reap zombies
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothplay sounds using 'play'
2008-01-13 Michael GernothImport Micropolis from
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