XINCLUDE: use /usr/X11R6/include everywhere
[micropolis] / src / sim / makefile
2022-06-04 Michael GernothXINCLUDE: use /usr/X11R6/include everywhere master
2022-06-04 Ryan Schmidtsrc/sim/makefile: Micropolis build fixes for recent...
2009-10-11 Michael Gernothmake monster behaviour configurable
2009-09-07 Michael GernothEnable warnings and fix them, all of them
2008-02-11 Michael Gernothexplicitly start sdl_helper with /bin/sh
2008-02-11 Michael Gernothadd ugly sdl_helper to automagically find and enable...
2008-02-11 Michael Gernothencapsulate sdl_mixer stuff in #ifdef WITH_SDL_MIXER
2008-02-11 Deanna PhillipsFix SDL includes for OS X.
2008-02-11 Deanna PhillipsLinux pkg-config needs double dashes.
2008-02-10 Deanna PhillipsAdd an SDL sound backend and use it instead of spawning...
2008-01-24 Michael Gernothre-add (disabled) air crash disaster
2008-01-15 Michael Gernothadd /usr/X11R6/lib to libpath
2008-01-15 Michael Gernothfix dependencies for simulator binary
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothautomatic byteorder detection
2008-01-13 Michael Gernothadd path to X11 libs
2008-01-13 Michael GernothImport Micropolis from
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