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descriptionFixes for Motorola Milestone 2
ownerMichael Gernoth
last changeSun, 17 Mar 2024 20:25:40 +0000 (21:25 +0100)
Get a compiled version of the debouncing app including the module from the Play Store or from here.
2024-03-17 Michael Gernothadd privacy policy master
2013-03-11 Michael Gernothupdate version to 1.10(10)
2013-03-11 Michael Gernothimprove error message when module-loading fails
2013-03-10 Michael Gernothadd SUPERUSER-permission to manifest
2012-11-11 Michael Gernothversion 1.9
2012-10-31 Michael Gernothdon't try to unload module when it's not loaded, more...
2012-10-30 Michael Gernothdon't try to load the module if it is already loaded
2012-10-29 Michael Gernothstart service while booting to prevent module-loading...
2012-10-29 Michael Gernothadd logging to runAsRoot
2012-10-29 Michael Gernothadd version name to about dialog
2012-10-29 Michael Gernothwait for module to be loaded before trying to set param...
2012-10-28 Michael Gernothforgot to modify AndroidVersionName...
2012-10-28 Michael Gernothuse module included in ROM (when available)
2012-09-06 Michael Gernothbetter error-handling when executing commands as root
2012-09-05 Michael Gernotherror checks, manifest updates to limit market devices
2012-08-26 Michael Gernothproject update and jellybean fix (missing permission)
2 months ago master
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