start service while booting to prevent module-loading getting killed
[ms2-fixes] / debounce.c
2011-09-07 Michael Gernothchange padconfig to drive the matrix active high, needs...
2011-09-06 Michael Gernothadd access to struct gpio_kp
2011-09-06 Michael Gernothadd (disabled) fixup-handler
2011-09-06 Michael Gernothmake active_high_flag writeable, it's not desctructive...
2011-09-06 Michael Gernothadd support for switching between edge and level trigge...
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothmore consistency
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothconsistent state
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothdon't do unnecessary debounce configs
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothonly set hw_debounce_time when hw_debounce is active
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothfix typo
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothmake hw_debounce user configurable
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothonly activate hw-debouncing on the inputs
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothand lower again
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothbetter hw debounce time
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothenable hardware debouncing of keyboard gpios
2011-07-31 Michael Gernothupdate module for more matrix-flags
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothno more module parameters, only sysfs
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothsplit out flags
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothallow tuning of more flags in /sys/devices/debounce
2011-07-04 Michael GernothMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothsave and restore more
2011-07-03 Michael Gernothdeactivate debounce when delay is 0
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothrestore old state when unloading module
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothrename module parameter to debounce_delay
2011-05-20 Michael GernothMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothset default debounce_delay to 10ms
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothmake the debounce_delay modifiable via the "delay"...
2011-05-19 Michael GernothSet GPIOKPF_DEBOUNCE, just in case
2011-05-18 Michael Gernothset keypad debounce time to 5 ms
2011-05-18 Michael Gernothinitial Makefile and module (currently just a test...
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