don't do unnecessary debounce configs
[ms2-fixes] / MS2Debounce /
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothdon't do unnecessary debounce configs
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothonly set hw_debounce_time when hw_debounce is active
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothfix typo
2011-08-21 Michael Gernothmake hw_debounce user configurable
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothonly activate hw-debouncing on the inputs
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothmotorola defaults
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothand lower again
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothbetter hw debounce time
2011-08-19 Michael Gernothenable hardware debouncing of keyboard gpios
2011-08-16 Michael Gernothallow 3 digit poll_time
2011-07-31 Michael Gernothupdate module for more matrix-flags
2011-07-24 Michael Gernothadd simple script to update phone using adb
2011-07-24 Michael Gernothupdate defaults for debounce_delay and poll_time
2011-07-05 Michael Gernothchange default settle time, fix landscape view
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothtypo
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothat least all fields can be seen now...
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothit somehow works, but you can't look at it
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothset settle_time and poll_time
2011-07-04 Michael Gernothsmall update to adapt app to new module interface
2011-07-04 Michael GernothMerge branch 'master' of
2011-07-03 Michael Gernothzero is a valid delay
2011-07-03 Michael Gernothupdate module and build signed release apk
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothadd icon
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothrestore old state when unloading module
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothbetter interaction with superuser
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothperformance improvements
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothworking edittext
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothonly allow a reload, when the delay has really changed
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothimplement on_boot checkbox
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothadd debounce_delay edittext
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothadd load/unload/reload-buttons
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothadd setDelay
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothabout dialog
2011-05-21 Michael Gernothanother paranoia check
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothmake sure that a crashing module can't lead to a reboot...
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothadd gitignore
2011-05-20 Michael GernothCheck if it is safe to load the module on boot
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothimplement isLoaded and getDelay in moduleHelper
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothmake textview more dynamic
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothextract module from apk and load it from its filepath
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothupdate module
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothstart unpacking file, this is just a stub for now
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothmake helper non-static
2011-05-20 Michael GernothMerge branch 'master' of
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothupdate prebuilt module
2011-05-20 Michael Gernoththere is no need for a service
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothadd precompiled module to package
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothrun at boot time
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothload the module (still from the system dir)
2011-05-20 Michael Gernothadd service, which just gets root currently
2011-05-20 Michael GernothInitial app skeleton
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