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[proxmark3-svn] / common / lfdemod.h
1 // Copyright (C) 2014
2 //
3 // This code is licensed to you under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or,
4 // at your option, any later version. See the LICENSE.txt file for the text of
5 // the license.
6 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
7 // Low frequency demod related commands
8 // marshmellow
9 // note that many of these demods are not the slickest code and they often rely
10 // on peaks and clock instead of converting to clean signal.
11 //
12 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
14 #ifndef LFDEMOD_H__
15 #define LFDEMOD_H__
16 #include <stdint.h> // for uint_32+
17 #include <stdbool.h> // for bool
19 //generic
20 extern size_t addParity(uint8_t *BitSource, uint8_t *dest, uint8_t sourceLen, uint8_t pLen, uint8_t pType);
21 extern int askdemod(uint8_t *BinStream, size_t *size, int *clk, int *invert, int maxErr, uint8_t amp, uint8_t askType);
22 extern int askdemod_ext(uint8_t *BinStream, size_t *size, int *clk, int *invert, int maxErr, uint8_t amp, uint8_t askType, int *startIdx);
23 extern void askAmp(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size);
24 extern int BiphaseRawDecode(uint8_t * BitStream, size_t *size, int *offset, int invert);
25 extern uint32_t bytebits_to_byte(uint8_t* src, size_t numbits);
26 extern uint32_t bytebits_to_byteLSBF(uint8_t* src, size_t numbits);
27 extern uint16_t countFC(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size, uint8_t fskAdj);
28 extern int DetectASKClock(uint8_t dest[], size_t size, int *clock, int maxErr);
29 extern uint8_t DetectCleanAskWave(uint8_t dest[], size_t size, uint8_t high, uint8_t low);
30 extern uint8_t detectFSKClk(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size, uint8_t fcHigh, uint8_t fcLow, int *firstClockEdge);
31 extern int DetectNRZClock(uint8_t dest[], size_t size, int clock, size_t *clockStartIdx);
32 extern int DetectPSKClock(uint8_t dest[], size_t size, int clock, size_t *firstPhaseShift, uint8_t *curPhase, uint8_t *fc);
33 extern int DetectStrongAskClock(uint8_t dest[], size_t size, int high, int low, int *clock);
34 extern bool DetectST(uint8_t buffer[], size_t *size, int *foundclock, size_t *ststart, size_t *stend);
35 extern int fskdemod(uint8_t *dest, size_t size, uint8_t rfLen, uint8_t invert, uint8_t fchigh, uint8_t fclow, int *startIdx);
36 extern int getHiLo(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size, int *high, int *low, uint8_t fuzzHi, uint8_t fuzzLo);
37 extern uint32_t manchesterEncode2Bytes(uint16_t datain);
38 extern int ManchesterEncode(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size);
39 extern int manrawdecode(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t *size, uint8_t invert, uint8_t *alignPos);
40 extern int nrzRawDemod(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size, int *clk, int *invert, int *startIdx);
41 extern bool parityTest(uint32_t bits, uint8_t bitLen, uint8_t pType);
42 extern uint8_t preambleSearch(uint8_t *BitStream, uint8_t *preamble, size_t pLen, size_t *size, size_t *startIdx);
43 extern bool preambleSearchEx(uint8_t *BitStream, uint8_t *preamble, size_t pLen, size_t *size, size_t *startIdx, bool findone);
44 extern int pskRawDemod(uint8_t dest[], size_t *size, int *clock, int *invert);
45 extern int pskRawDemod_ext(uint8_t dest[], size_t *size, int *clock, int *invert, int *startIdx);
46 extern void psk2TOpsk1(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size);
47 extern void psk1TOpsk2(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t size);
48 extern size_t removeParity(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t startIdx, uint8_t pLen, uint8_t pType, size_t bLen);
50 //tag specific
51 extern int AWIDdemodFSK(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size, int *waveStartIdx);
52 extern uint8_t Em410xDecode(uint8_t *BitStream, size_t *size, size_t *startIdx, uint32_t *hi, uint64_t *lo);
53 extern int FDXBdemodBI(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size);
54 extern int gProxII_Demod(uint8_t BitStream[], size_t *size);
55 extern int HIDdemodFSK(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size, uint32_t *hi2, uint32_t *hi, uint32_t *lo, int *waveStartIdx);
56 extern int IOdemodFSK(uint8_t *dest, size_t size, int *waveStartIdx);
57 extern int indala26decode(uint8_t *bitStream, size_t *size, uint8_t *invert);
58 extern int ParadoxdemodFSK(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size, uint32_t *hi2, uint32_t *hi, uint32_t *lo, int *waveStartIdx);
59 extern int PrescoDemod(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size);
60 extern int PyramiddemodFSK(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size, int *waveStartIdx);
61 extern int VikingDemod_AM(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size);
62 extern int Visa2kDemod_AM(uint8_t *dest, size_t *size);
64 #endif
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