git housekeeping:
[proxmark3-svn] / Makefile
2013-04-24 dn337t@gmail.comadded port name to flasher command line (introduced...
2013-03-26 roel@libnfc.orgadded Makefile for binary files to recover proxmark...
2010-05-09 target for binary file archive (linux version)
2010-03-29 yobibeMakefile: add explicit target to compile client only
2010-02-27 Makefile for new flasher
2010-01-21 elf targets for flashing
2009-12-22 bushingfix OS detection, libgcc detection
2009-09-05 henryk@ploetzli.chAdd make targets for flashing (Windows version untested)
2009-08-31 henryk@ploetzli.chHave the Windows batch files check for make
2009-08-30 henryk@ploetzli.chMake objcopy call less verbose
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