emulate access function, too. now even the device node /dev/windrvr6 is
[usb-driver] / README
113af964 1This library emulates Jungo Windrvr USB functions in userspace which are
2required by XILINX impact to access the Platform cable USB. With this library
3it is possible to access the cable without loading a proprietary kernel module
4which breaks with every new kernel release. It uses the USB functions provided
5by the libusb userspace library instead and should work on every kernel version
6which is supported by libusb. It was written against impact from ISE Webpack
79.1SP1 and will very probably not work with older impact versions (<9.1).
9Build the library by calling `make'.
11To use this library you have to preload the library before starting impact:
13$ LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/libusb-driver.so impact
15$ export LD_PRELOAD=/path/to/libusb-driver.so (for sh shells)
16$ setenv LD_PRELOAD /path/to/libusb-driver.so (for csh shells)
17$ impact
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