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4 <TITLE>XILINX USB/Parallel JTAG cables on Linux without windrvr</TITLE>
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7 <H1>XILINX JTAG tools on Linux without proprietary kernel modules</H1>
8 <H2>About</H2>
9 <P>
10 When using <a href="">XILINX</a> JTAG software like Impact, Chipscope and XMD
11 on Linux, the proprietary kernel <i>windrvr</i> module from <a href="">Jungo</a>
12 is needed to access the parallel- or usb-cable.
13 As this module does not work with current linux kernel versions (&gt; 2.6.18) a library was developed,
14 which emulates the module in userspace and allows the tools to access the JTAG cable without the need
15 for a proprietary kernel module.
16 </P>
17 <P>
18 The library uses <a href="">libusb</a> to access USB devices and the
19 <a href="">ppdev</a> interface to communicate
20 with parallel cables. The parallel part currently only supports Parallel Cable III mode (and PCIV in
21 PCIII compatibility mode) as the faster PCIV modes use another kernel module which is not emulated by
22 this library. So you are limited to a 200kHz JTAG clock when using Parallel Cable IV with this software.
23 The USB cable is supported at full speed.
24 </P>
25 <P>
26 The library is called <i>libusb-driver</i> as it was developed to support the USB cable, but later
27 extended to also support parallel cables.
28 </P>
29 <H2>Supported Cables</H2>
30 The following cables are reported to work with this driver:
31 <ul>
32 <li><a href="">XILINX Platform Cable USB DLC9LP</a></li>
33 <li><a href="">Integrated Platform Cable USB on Spartan 3E starter kit</a></li>
34 <li><a href="">Parallel Cable IV</a> (in Parallel Cable III compatibility mode)</li>
35 <li><a href="">Enterpoint Prog2</a> Parallel Cable III clone</li>
36 <li><a href="">Trenz TE0149-01</a> Parallel Cable III clone</li>
9ec5ba04 37 <li><a href=";Nav2=Cables&amp;Cat=Cable">Digilent JTAG3</a> Parallel Cable III clone</li>
026cbe49 38 </ul>
39 <H2>Supported Software</H2>
40 The following software is reported to work with this driver:
41 <ul>
42 <li><a href="">ISE Webpack 9.1SP3</a></li>
43 <li><a href="">ISE Webpack 9.1SP2</a></li>
44 <li><a href="">ISE Webpack 9.1SP1</a></li>
45 <li><a href="">ISE Webpack 8.2SP3</a></li>
46 <li><a href="">ISE Webpack 8.1SP3</a></li>
47 <li><a href="">ChipScope Pro 9.1.03i</a></li>
48 <li><a href="">ChipScope Pro 9.1.02i</a></li>
49 <li><a href="">ChipScope Pro 8.2.04i</a></li>
50 <li><a href="">EDK 8.2.02i</a></li>
51 </ul>
52 <H2>Download</H2>
53 <ul>
41d0a9f7 54 <li>Download <a href="">usb-driver.tar.gz</a> (to build it, you need to have the libusb development package installed. It is called libusb-dev on Debian.)</li>
026cbe49 55 <li>Read the <a href="*checkout*/usb-driver/README">README</a></li>
56 <li>Browse the <a href="">CVS repository</a></li>
9ec5ba04 57 <li>Precompiled <a href=""></a> for Debian Etch, but better build your own</li>
41d0a9f7 58 </ul>
59 <H2>Links</H2>
60 <ul>
9ec5ba04 61 <li><a href="">Ubuntu installation instructions by Luzerne</a></li>
41d0a9f7 62 <li><a href="">Ubuntu installation instructions by Paul-Armand Verhaegen</a></li>
9ec5ba04 63 <li><a href="">Initial announcement on comp.arch.fpga</a></li>
026cbe49 64 </ul>
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