make parallel port numbers permanent across program restarts
[usb-driver] / usb-driver.h
2007-04-08 michaelmake parallel port numbers permanent across program...
2007-04-01 michaelreally support multiple parallel ports
2007-03-17 michaeladd other tested software
2007-03-17 michaelcleanup parallel support a bit
2007-03-14 michaelAdd support for Parallel Cable III (and clones)
2007-03-14 michaeladd another ioctl-stub
2007-03-14 michaelremove ugly defines for 64bit support and solve the...
2007-03-14 michaeladd support for ise 8.1i
2007-03-10 michaelfix 64bit and add DEBUG shared object
2007-03-10 michaelrevert most of last 64bit cleanup, as windrvr doesn...
2007-03-10 michaelfix some 64bit issues, probably...
2007-02-22 michaelimpact loops now...
2007-02-22 michaelfill in struct
2007-02-22 michaelcorrectly calculate device_info_size, as all struct...
2007-02-22 michaelconfig descriptor
2007-02-22 michaelmore
2007-02-22 michaela bit more
2007-02-22 michaela bit more tracing code
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