integrated USB cable on XUP-V2Pro works, too (reported by Andy Greensted)
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2007-09-12 Michael Gernothintegrated USB cable on XUP-V2Pro works, too (reported...
2007-09-06 Michael Gernothadapt snapshot-link to new gitweb
2007-07-15 Michael Gernothadd link to XILINX posting about open source cable...
2007-07-10 Michael Gernothadd ISE 9.2i and ChipScope 9.2 as supported
2007-06-04 Michael Gernothadd link to instructions for Ubuntu in VMware by Sven...
2007-06-03 Michael Gernothadd Synplicity Identify as supported software (reported...
2007-06-03 Michael Gernothclean up supported software list
2007-06-03 Michael Gernothmove DLC9G cable to the tested and working section
2007-06-03 Michael Gernothadd link to 64bit install instructions on Kubuntu by...
2007-05-26 Michael Gernothdocument lib32 target, add EDK 9.1.02i as working
2007-05-18 Michael Gernothadd EDK 9.1.01i as working
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothremove Id-tag from website
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothadd git summary link
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothadd information on how to clone the repository with git
2007-05-17 Michael Gernothchange repository to git
2007-05-01 michaeladd documentation for FTDI2232 based devices
2007-04-22 michaelchange URLs from viewcvs to viewvc
2007-04-22 michaeladd integrated cable on spartan 3A sk
2007-04-15 michaeladd EDK 8.1 as reported working
2007-04-09 michaeladd link to xc3sprog
2007-04-09 michaelother cables
2007-04-07 michaelfix sentence
2007-04-07 michaelchange ppdev url
2007-04-06 michaelmissing XILINX
2007-04-06 michaelxup, kawk
2007-04-06 michaelsome validator warnings
2007-04-06 michaelsome links, libusb-dev
2007-04-06 michaelInitial revision
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