disable sharing the XPCU cable for now, as this causes problems even when
[usb-driver] / xpcu.c
2008-08-21 Michael Gernothdisable sharing the XPCU cable for now, as this causes...
2008-04-14 Michael Gernothremove no longer needed dummy_interrupt mutex
2008-04-14 Michael Gernothadd include stdint.h
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothfix handling of XILINX_USB_DEV environment variable
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothimplement support for multiple XPCU cables for ISE...
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothfix for mutex deadlock when closing and reopening the...
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothpass pointer to usb-driver structure through impact
2008-04-12 Michael Gernothmake it possible to return an error everywhere
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothmove interrupt functions to xpcu.c
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothrework more XPCU code. INT_* still needs to be moved
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothadd xpcu_set_interface
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothadd xpcu_close
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothmove XPCU transfer function
2008-04-11 Michael Gernothbegin separating XPCU functions into own file
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