2011-04-17 gitknilchfix config.mk file header comment master
2011-04-17 Michael GernothFix fuses
2011-04-17 gitknilchdon't ignore config.mk
2011-03-29 gitknilchuse patcheeprom instead of fixcrc, now
2011-03-29 gitknilchmove fixcrc to patcheeprom, add patching of node id...
2011-03-25 gitknilchfix byte sex
2011-03-25 gitknilchadd eeprom writing (including checksum)
2011-03-25 gitknilchignore binary
2011-03-25 gitknilchvery crude tool to fix eeprom checksum in binary
2011-03-24 gitknilchwhitespace cleanup, init eeprom for random startup...
2011-03-24 gitknilchfix comment
2011-03-24 gitknilchrule to create eeprom binaries
2011-03-24 gitknilchinit eeprom
2011-03-24 gitknilchfix config show thingy
2011-03-21 gitknilchmore lean and mean, switching still doesn't work.....
2011-03-21 gitknilchuse *right* magic value
2011-03-19 gitknilchfix }
2011-03-19 gitknilchadd showcfg program
2011-03-16 gitknilchadd initialization of node address via eeprom
2011-02-20 gitknilchdelete! delete! delete!
2011-02-20 gitknilchdelete more stuff
2011-02-20 gitknilchreference eeprom contents
2011-02-20 gitknilchmore tx disabling.
2011-02-20 gitknilchremove master mode, disable uart tx
2011-02-20 gitknilchreference firmware
2011-02-20 blarzquarztschwarzharzadd docs, remove stuff
2011-02-20 knilchimport original fnordlichtmini firmware
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