2013-06-29 Michael Gernothadd license master
2013-06-12 Michael Gernothfix linker parameter order
2013-05-19 Michael Gernothhigh nibble might not exceed 12
2013-05-19 Michael Gernothparse fractions and use absolute difference in calculation
2013-05-19 Michael Gernothparse time in extensionbyte
2013-05-19 Michael Gernothadd humamn readable command-aliases
2013-05-18 Michael Gernothmore help fixes
2013-05-18 Michael Gernothparse ELV address, too
2013-05-18 Michael Gernothfix help output
2013-05-18 Michael Gernothcommandline parsing
2013-05-18 Michael Gernothudev rules
2013-05-14 Michael Gernothparse fs20pcs-response
2013-04-20 Michael GernothFS20 PCS protocol description
2013-04-20 Michael GernothOpenWrt Makefile
2013-04-20 Michael Gernothfs20pcs utility using libusb to send FS20 commands...
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