22 hours ago Thomas Glanzmannadd notes from mps irc log master
2022-05-05 Thomas Glanzmannthe patch made it upstream
2022-04-29 Thomas Glanzmannuse the branch recommended from jannau
2022-04-29 Thomas Glanzmannbuild the 4k
2022-04-29 Thomas Glanzmannuse jannaus m1n1 with VinDuvs patch
2022-04-29 Thomas Glanzmannmore instructions
2022-04-28 Thomas Glanzmannmore howtos
2022-04-27 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-04-27 Thomas Glanzmannmore information
2022-04-22 Thomas Glanzmannit is the livesystem, not the installer
2022-04-18 Thomas Glanzmannremove the asahi choosen efi system partition patch...
2022-04-12 Thomas Glanzmanntypos
2022-04-10 Thomas Glanzmanndepricated
2022-04-06 Thomas Glanzmannpick jannaus pick esp partition patch
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannbetter way to find out UUID
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannimprove formatting
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannbetter formatting, add https everywhere
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannadd a hint to quickstart.txt
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannhere we go
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmanntypos
2022-04-04 Thomas Glanzmannadd faq section
2022-03-30 Thomas Glanzmannmore on geekbench
2022-03-30 Thomas Glanzmannput poviks patch back
2022-03-29 Thomas Glanzmannnotes on geekbench
2022-03-29 Thomas Glanzmannremove obosolete
2022-03-29 Thomas Glanzmannremove the sound patch again
2022-03-29 Thomas Glanzmannremove 12.1 firmware after IRC chat with marcan, the...
2022-03-29 Thomas Glanzmannleave that patch out for now
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannsmall perl script to reinstall m1n1 stage1
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes on alpine
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannalpine
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmanntell what to do
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmanndebian installer is broken; remove it for now
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannmore instructions
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannadd readme
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannnew readme
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannadd index.md
2022-03-27 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-24 Thomas Glanzmannd-i is broken; emacs was fixed upstream
2022-03-24 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of a.gmvl.de:/git/m1-debian
2022-03-24 Thomas Glanzmannspecify the right arch
2022-03-23 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of
2022-03-23 Thomas Glanzmannuse deb.debian.org
2022-03-23 Thomas Glanzmann21:32 < Cy8aer[m]> Glanzmann: Ok, brute force: Try...
2022-03-23 Thomas Glanzmannfix wifi extraction
2022-03-23 Thomas Glanzmanndebian installer is back
2022-03-23 Thomas Glanzmannmini vram size
2022-03-21 Thomas Glanzmann20:05 < kov> Glanzmann, you should probably use deb...
2022-03-20 Thomas Glanzmannanother upstream bug
2022-03-19 Thomas Glanzmannput installer data under revision control
2022-03-18 Thomas Glanzmannscript to extract firmware from ipsw
2022-03-18 Thomas Glanzmanndocument how to deinstall linux
2022-03-18 Thomas Glanzmannimprove quickstart
2022-03-18 Thomas Glanzmannadd quickstart for iwd
2022-03-17 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of a.gmvl.de:/git/m1-debian
2022-03-17 Thomas Glanzmannusing debian distro kernel
2022-03-17 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of a.gmvl.de:/git/m1-debian
2022-03-17 Thomas Glanzmannadd missing kernel config option for usb-c
2022-03-17 Thomas Glanzmannadd notes how to cleanup from speaker setup
2022-03-17 Thomas Glanzmanndi stick is missing again
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmannfix instructions for future u-boot boot-chain
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmannenable all build targets
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmanndistro kernel config is not yet working due to missing usb
2022-03-16 Thomas GlanzmannNote that U-Boot is compressed before appending. Uncomp...
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmanninsight from jannau
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmanndocument chainloading
2022-03-16 Thomas Glanzmannfixed
2022-03-15 Thomas Glanzmanntell an easy way to grow the root partition
2022-03-15 Thomas Glanzmann22:32 < tpw_rules> sgdisk -n 0:0 will also do that
2022-03-15 Thomas Glanzmannupdated for latest asahi branch
2022-03-15 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-12 Thomas Glanzmannadd instructions to repack live
2022-03-12 Thomas Glanzmann+= pciutils
2022-03-12 Thomas Glanzmannundo changes
2022-03-12 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of a.gmvl.de:/git/m1-debian
2022-03-12 Thomas Glanzmannbuild 16k kernel for zv
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannfix config options
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannrebase 4k iommu patch; increase size of media to 2G...
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannmarcan does not like year numbers
2022-03-11 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-10 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-10 Thomas Glanzmannput boot.bin to the right location
2022-03-10 Thomas GlanzmannMerge branch 'master' of a.gmvl.de:/git/m1-debian
2022-03-10 Thomas Glanzmanndo not start wifi by default; hostname is now debian
2022-03-10 Thomas Glanzmannhere we go
2022-03-10 Thomas Glanzmanninstall to be chainloaded u-boot.bin
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannsolved with distro kernel
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannpackage m1n1/boot.bin as well
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannanother patch made it upstream; reset to right branch
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannadopt asahi installer image debian for new asahi instal...
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannswitch to u-boot branch from asahi
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannmore notes
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannrevert back to a stable config until povik wip has...
2022-03-09 Thomas Glanzmannmanual merge
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