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rename ambient to ups temperature
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2013-07-16 Michael Gernothselect
2013-01-17 Michael Gernothsupport for multiple values in one tcp connection and...
2011-01-17 Michael Gernothworkaround for memory-leak in debian squeeze librrds...
2011-01-17 Michael GernothRevert "disable pango text rendering, it leaks memory"
2011-01-17 Michael Gernothdisable pango text rendering, it leaks memory
2010-09-23 Simon Kuhnlereturn undef if initiating snmp session fails
2010-07-21 Michael Gernothcurrent value
2010-02-11 Michael Gernothdon't warn when the initial graph is nonexistant
2010-02-10 Michael Gernothonly copy files when they have changed
2010-02-10 Michael Gernothcopy is not atomic...
2010-02-10 Michael Gernothmake lazy really work...
2010-02-10 Michael Gernothlazy graph update
2010-02-10 Michael Gernothundefine limits if they are not set
2010-02-09 Michael Gernothremove temp limits
2010-02-09 Michael Gernothallow adjusting graph limits
2010-02-09 Michael Gernothintra page links for different hosts
2010-02-08 Michael Gernothadd raw tcp to query values (to read poempelfox temp)
2010-02-08 Michael Gernothsupport for multiple hosts in one instance
2010-02-08 Michael Gernothadd min/avg/max/cur in big graphs
2010-02-08 Michael Gernotheach graph now has its own rrd file
2009-12-20 Michael Gernothuse RRDs perl module, keep samples a year
2009-12-19 Michael Gernothfix argument for print
2009-12-19 Michael Gernothuse config files
2009-12-17 Michael Gernothchange uid when invoked as root
2009-12-17 Michael Gernothadvertisment ;-)
2009-12-17 Michael Gernothfork fork away
2009-12-17 Michael GernothInitial perl grapher using rrdtool
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