2013-04-06 gitknilchremove some hardcoded strings
2013-04-06 gitknilchfix condition for log.d
2013-04-06 gitknilchclean->new game, add copyright notice for tilesets
2013-04-06 gitknilchfix stuff.
2013-04-05 gitknilchHandle settings differently. Should fix issue #1.
2013-04-05 gitknilchfix access to tile width and height
2013-04-05 gitknilchuse "original" instead of "classic" as fallback
2013-04-04 gitknilchfactor out Tileset stuff. no, this isn't what correct...
2013-04-03 gitknilchadd two more png tilesets
2013-04-03 gitknilchignore screenshots.
2013-04-03 gitknilchbump version number for internal beta release
2013-04-02 gitknilchpixel. for simigern.
2013-04-02 gitknilchmore tileset adaptions.
2013-04-02 gitknilchAllow selecting tileset.
2013-03-31 gitknilchmore adaptions.
2013-03-31 gitknilchOptimize "traditional" tileset a bit; bump version...
2013-03-30 gitknilchuse "traditional" tileset from libkmahjongg, with bigge...
2013-03-30 gitknilchtilesets from libkmahjongg
2013-03-24 gitknilchfix possible nullpointerexception on startup
2013-03-24 gitknilchheavy optimizations.
2013-03-24 gitknilchnull?
2013-03-16 gitknilchmore to do.
2013-03-10 gitknilchTODO-list
2013-03-09 gitknilchminor cleanups, new release.
2013-03-09 gitknilchready for release?
2013-03-09 gitknilchupdate about box a bit.
2013-03-09 gitknilchwhen clearing hiscores, update fields immediately.
2013-03-09 gitknilchadd hiscore stuff.
2013-03-09 gitknilchremove checks for app.timeCounter. timer is always...
2013-03-09 gitknilchMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-09 gitknilchrename "zerotime".
2013-03-09 gitknilchrename "zerotime".
2013-03-09 gitknilchMerge branch 'master' of
2013-03-09 gitknilchget rid of paint in doDraw.
2013-03-09 gitknilchfix shit.
2013-03-09 gitknilchfix shit.
2013-03-09 gitknilchuse andriod defaults for "ok" and "cancel"
2013-03-09 gitknilchrename project.
2013-03-08 gitknilchmore hiscore stuff...
2013-03-08 gitknilchmore refactoring.
2013-03-08 gitknilchrefactor a bit
2013-03-07 gitknilchfix name
2013-03-07 gitknilchadd highscore menu option
2013-03-07 gitknilchno need for density-specific drawables any more.
2013-03-07 gitknilchre-start version number counting after rename
2013-03-07 gitknilchadd our google code URL
2013-03-07 gitknilchrename package to "freeshisen"
2013-03-07 gitknilchremove "sample" files, fix classpath.
2013-03-03 gitknilchprepare for adding hiscore.
2013-02-28 gitknilchupdate version
2013-02-28 gitknilchadd scaling.
2013-02-28 gitknilchanother try at ignoring...
2013-02-28 gitknilchFix shit.
2013-02-28 gitknilchNice.
2013-02-28 gitknilchfix indentation
2013-02-26 gitknilchset summaries for list preferences
2013-02-26 gitknilchtry to set options on startup
2013-02-26 gitknilchrenumber difficulty: 1=Easy, 2=Hard
2013-02-26 gitknilchtrim trailing spaces
2013-02-24 gitknilchhuh?
2013-02-24 gitknilchprepare for density-independent scaling approach
2013-02-24 gitknilchseems eclipse needs some empty directories
2013-02-24 gitknilchtry to use the andriod way of Preferences and ruin...
2013-02-24 gitknilchrename, add hdpi icons, cleanup some warnings
2013-02-24 gitknilchremove generated files
2013-02-24 gitknilchinitial commit, version from dropbox
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