add culfw firmware version-check
[hmcfgusb] / flash-ota.c
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothadd culfw firmware version-check
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothfix variable assignment, copyright year
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothincrease hm-buffer for culfw-devices
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothfix error messages
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothabort on missing acks
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothchange default speed, fix getopt
2014-03-05 Michael Gernothadd OTA support for culfw-based devices
2014-02-16 Michael Gernoththe switch_msg are actually CC1101-registers
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothreboot before flashing and retry a bit more often
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothfixed misleading error message
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothset the source hmid, else OTA will fail
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothcheck hmcfgusb firmware before trying to switch speed
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothmore minor cleanups
2014-02-16 Michael Gernotha few cleanups
2014-02-16 Michael Gernothadd missing newline
2014-02-16 Michael GernothAdd flasher for OTA devices
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