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2020-09-15 Michael Gernothfirmware: fix maximum size master
2020-09-14 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add support for directly flashing AsksinPP...
2020-09-06 Michael GernothRevert "Add missing break in switch"
2020-09-05 Michael GernothRevert "Increase compiler-warning level"
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannSuppress warnings about non-literal format strings
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAllow the user to specify the compiler via environment...
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use := for assignment
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannIncrease compiler-warning level
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use size_t for len
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use correct format string
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd missing break in switch
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd missing case in switch
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Cast explicitly where integers of different...
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Add missing 'void'
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Improve const correctness
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd support for printing the transfer status
2018-03-19 Michael Gernothenable-hmmodiprf: add small script to enable a tty...
2017-11-18 Michael Gernothconsistency in state names
2017-11-18 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: add a bit of support for HmIP-RFUSB-TK
2017-03-08 Michael Gernothhmland.init: try hmland-location from Fhem-wiki, too
2017-03-08 Michael GernothREADME: change clone-URL to https
2017-03-08 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: Add timeout during module initialization
2017-02-08 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: Add minimal support for DualCoPro-firmware
2017-01-23 Michael GernothRelease version 0.103 v0.103
2017-01-23 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add support for TSCUL (patch from noansi)
2016-12-21 Michael GernothMakefile: remove objects for flash-hmmoduart on clean
2016-06-09 Michael Gernothflash-hmmoduart: small cleanups
2016-06-09 Michael Gernothflash-hmmoduart: show error-status as hex
2016-06-08 Michael Gernothflash-hmmoduart: add utility to upgrade firmware on...
2016-06-05 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: simplify crc check
2016-06-04 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: use defines, decrease settle time
2016-06-04 Michael Gernothflash-ota: don't force debug on hmuartlgw
2016-06-04 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: add one more known message
2016-06-04 Michael Gernothflash-ota: cleanup for hmuartlgw
2016-06-03 Michael Gernothhmsniff: fix length-byte from HM-MOD-UART
2016-06-03 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: add initial support for HM-MOD-UART
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add two more message types
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothall: update year in copyright
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothbuild-system: update for OpenWRT/LEDE package
2016-04-17 Michael GernothREADME: update link for HM-CFG-USB, add discontinued...
2015-11-08 Michael Gernothflash-ota: delay sending AES response a bit
2015-11-07 Michael GernothRelease version 0.102 v0.102
2015-11-07 Michael Gernothupdate year in license, fix debian/copyright
2015-11-07 Michael GernothREADME: add example for sending device to bootloader...
2015-11-05 Michael Gernothhmland: decrease poll-timeout to 250ms
2015-09-16 Michael Gernothflash-hmcfgusb: remove dummy serial
2015-09-13 Michael Gernothhmcfgusb: add possibility to use a specific HM-CFG...
2015-09-12 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add support for a-culfw
2015-09-12 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add support for firmware-update-mode
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothflash-ota: increment msgid when re-sending bootloader...
2015-09-11 Michael GernothREADME: typos
2015-09-11 Michael GernothREADME: add acknowledgment for AES implementation
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothhm: formatting
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add AES-support for culfw-devices
2015-09-11 Michael GernothREADME: formatting
2015-09-11 Michael GernothAES: add public-domain AES implementation from Brad...
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothflash-ota: fix subtype for AES
2015-09-11 Michael Gernothflash-ota: only require one of -s or -D
2015-09-10 Michael Gernothflash-ota: automatically send devices to bootloader
2015-09-06 Michael Gernothflash-ota: fix typo
2015-09-06 Michael Gernothflash-ota: make it possible to reduce the payload-lengt...
2015-09-01 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add power event
2015-09-01 Michael Gernothhmland: use ASCII-conversion from util.c
2015-08-24 Michael GernothREADME: add link to source of HM-CFG-USB firmware 03c7
2015-08-09 Michael GernothREADME: add security information for older versions
2015-07-31 Michael Gernothhmsniff: more compact output by default
2015-07-16 Michael Gernothdebian: make hmland configurable, update version
2015-07-16 Michael GernothMerge branch 'debian' of https://github.com/JSurf/hmcfgusb
2015-07-02 Michael GernothREADME: update -I information
2015-07-01 Michael GernothRelease version 0.101 v0.101
2015-07-01 Michael Gernothhmland: fix interpretation of '+'
2015-07-01 Michael GernothREADME: Homegear now knows about HM-USB-IF
2015-07-01 Michael Gernothhmsniff: fix typo
2015-06-30 Michael GernothRelease version 0.100 v0.100
2015-06-30 Michael Gernothhmland: don't impersonate HM-CFG-LAN by default.
2015-06-21 Michael Gernothhmland: only output load-byte on newest firmware
2015-06-17 Michael Gernothhmland: add load-byte to 'H'-output
2015-05-27 Michael GernothREADME: minor changes to OTA updates
2015-05-27 Michael Gernothhmcfgusb: unify error-handling in interrupt
2015-05-27 Michael Gernothfix a few small memory-leaks when opening the USB device
2015-05-25 Michael GernothREADME: add links for culfw and devices
2015-05-25 Michael GernothREADME: formatting
2015-05-25 Michael GernothREADME: fix link to BidCoS packet documentation
2015-05-25 Michael GernothREADME: add README.md
2015-05-25 Michael Gernothhmland: handle commands spanning packet-boundaries
2015-05-24 Michael Gernothbump version
2015-05-24 Michael Gernothhmland: increase receive-buffer for lan-messages
2015-01-31 Michael Gernothavoid possible null-pointer dereference in error-path
2014-06-25 JSurfAdd logrotate.d script
2014-06-21 JSurfMerge pull request #1 from bullshit/debian
2014-06-20 bullshitadding log command to daemon
2014-06-19 JSurfTry to fix some lintian warnings and errors
2014-06-19 JSurfAdd init script for hmland
2014-06-19 JSurfAdd compiled binaries to install
2014-06-19 JSurfStarting to add debian build stuff
2014-06-19 JSurfUpdate README.md
2014-06-19 JSurfCreate README.md
2014-05-29 Michael Gernothadd possibility to log network communication
2014-05-14 Michael Gernothonly reboot by default when firmware-version is < 0.967
2014-03-16 Michael Gernothbump version to 0.096-git
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