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descriptionHM-CFG-USB{,2} linux utilities
ownerMichael Gernoth
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This repository contains utilities to use the HM-CFG-USB(2) (HomeMatic USB Konfigurations-Adapter, seems to be discontinued) from ELV on Linux/Unix by using libusb 1.0.

The HM-CFG-USB can be used to send and receive BidCoS-Packets to control HomeMatic home automation devices (like remote controllable sockets, switches, sensors, ...).

This repository contains, amongst others, an application, which emulates the HomeMatic LAN configuration adapter-protocol to make it possible to use the HM-CFG-USB in Fhem or as a lan configuration tool for the CCU or the HomeMatic windows configuration software, also supporting devices using AES-signing like KeyMatic.

Short hmland HowTo:

  1. Install prerequisites: apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev build-essential git
  2. Get the current version of this software (choose one option):
    • Get the current release-version as a .tar.gz:
      1. Download the latest version from the releases-directory. Version 0.100 is used as an example for the following commands.
      2. Extract the archive: tar xzf hmcfgusb-0.100.tar.gz
      3. Change into the new directory: cd hmcfgusb-0.100
    • Get the current development-version via git (can be easily updated with git pull):
      1. git clone https://git.zerfleddert.de/git/hmcfgusb
      2. Change into the new directory: cd hmcfgusb
    • Get the current development-version as an archive:
      1. hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx.tar.gz (xxxxxxx is part of the commit-id. xxxxxxx is just a placeholder for this HowTo, use your value)
      2. Extract the archive: tar xzf hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx.tar.gz
      3. Change into the new directory: cd hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx
  3. Build the code: make
  4. Optional: Install udev-rules so normal users can access the device: sudo cp hmcfgusb.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
  5. Plug in the HM-CFG-USB
  6. Run hmland (with debugging the first time, see -h switch): ./hmland -p 1234 -D
  7. Configure Fhem to use your new HMLAN device:
    define hmusb HMLAN
    attr hmusb hmId <hmId>

Important compatibility information:
If older Fhem-versions (before 2015-06-19) or Homegear before 2015-07-01 is used to connect to hmland, the -I switch might be needed to impersonate a LAN-interface (this replaces the identity string HM-USB-IF with HM-LAN-IF). eQ-3 rfd (CCU and configuration software) works without this switch. Software which needs this will not keep a stable connection open to hmland without this switch. It was the hardcoded default in versions < 0.100.

This incompatibility is needed so connecting software is able to differentiate between HM-CFG-LAN and HM-CFG-USB.

Important security information:
Versions before 0.101 do not correctly transmit the AES channel-mask to the HM-CFG-USB, which results in signature-requests not being generated by the device in most cases. This can lead to processing of unsigned messages by the host-software. If you are relying on authenticated messages (with e.g. aesCommReq in Fhem) from devices like door-sensors and remotes, you should upgrade to at least version 0.101.

Updating the HM-CFG-USB firmware to version 0.967:

  1. Compile the hmcfgusb utilities like in the hmland HowTo above (steps 1 to 5) and stay in the directory
  2. Download the new firmware: hmusbif.03c7.enc (extracted from the Firmware update tool): wget https://git.zerfleddert.de/hmcfgusb/firmware/hmusbif.03c7.enc
  3. Make sure that hmland is not running
  4. Flash the update to the USB-stick: ./flash-hmcfgusb hmusbif.03c7.enc (You might need to use sudo for this)

Updating HomemMatic devices over the air (OTA) (also for CUL- and HM-MOD-UART-devices):

  1. Compile the hmcfgusb utilities like in the hmland HowTo above (steps 1 to 5) and stay in the directory
  2. Download the new firmware from eQ-3, in this example the HM-CC-RT-DN firmware version 1.4
  3. Extract the tgz-file: tar xvzf hm_cc_rt_dn_update_V1_4_001_141020.tgz
  4. Make sure that hmland is not running
  5. When using the HM-CFG-USB(2), flash the new firmware to the device with serial KEQ0123456:
    ./flash-ota -f hm_cc_rt_dn_update_V1_4_001_141020.eq3 -s KEQ0123456
  6. When using a culfw-, a-culfw- or tsculfw-based device (CUL/COC/...), flash the new firmware to the device with serial KEQ0123456:
    ./flash-ota -f hm_cc_rt_dn_update_V1_4_001_141020.eq3 -s KEQ0123456 -c /dev/ttyACM0
  7. When using the HM-MOD-UART, flash the new firmware to the device with serial KEQ0123456:
    ./flash-ota -f hm_cc_rt_dn_update_V1_4_001_141020.eq3 -s KEQ0123456 -U /dev/ttyAMA0

Automatic firmware-updates:
The options -C (HMID of central), -D (HMID of device) and -K (AES key w/ index) can be used to send a device to the bootloader automatically without manually rebooting the device while pressing buttons:

./flash-ota -f hm_cc_rt_dn_update_V1_4_001_141020.eq3 -C ABCDEF -D 012345 -K 01:00112233445566778899AABBCCDDEEFF

-K is only needed, when AES signing is active on the device.

flash-ota uses the public domain AES implementation by Brad Conte to answer signing-requests with culfw-devices.


Information about HomeMatic AES signing can be found here: Dissecting HomeMatic AES

2020-09-15 Michael Gernothfirmware: fix maximum size master
2020-09-14 Michael Gernothflash-ota: add support for directly flashing AsksinPP...
2020-09-06 Michael GernothRevert "Add missing break in switch"
2020-09-05 Michael GernothRevert "Increase compiler-warning level"
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannSuppress warnings about non-literal format strings
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAllow the user to specify the compiler via environment...
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use := for assignment
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannIncrease compiler-warning level
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use size_t for len
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Use correct format string
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd missing break in switch
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd missing case in switch
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Cast explicitly where integers of different...
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Add missing 'void'
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Improve const correctness
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannAdd support for printing the transfer status
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