don't expect to always receive a full frame
[hmcfgusb] / hmcfgusb.c
2014-02-15 Michael Gernothdon't expect to always receive a full frame
2014-02-10 Michael Gernothfirmware-updater works now (needs hmusbif.enc)
2013-11-13 Michael Gernothmake sure to close the device and call libusb_exit...
2013-08-18 Michael Gernothfactor out leaving the bootloader into own function
2013-08-18 Michael Gernothperiodically reset HM-CFG-USB by enetring and leaving...
2013-07-28 Michael Gernothadd support for older libusb-1.0 found in debian squeeze
2013-07-14 Michael Gernothrevert null frame to zero length
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothonly wake the device up when the timeout really expired
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothsend a full frame containing only zeroes instead of...
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothshow textual error
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothdo not report errors when sending of the wakeup-frame...
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothopen device in bootloader-mode, too
2013-07-08 Michael Gernothuse minimum tiemout value from call/libusb
2013-07-07 Michael Gernothtypo
2013-07-07 Michael Gernothalways show timing warning, not only when debugging...
2013-07-07 Michael Gernothsome changes in transfer-time-measurement
2013-07-07 Michael Gernothadd and export function to send only a null frame
2013-07-05 Michael Gernothadd USB send-duration to debug output
2013-06-08 Michael Gernothfree memory in case of errors
2013-06-05 Michael Gernothgracefully handle errors on socket-write
2013-06-02 Michael Gernothand again, libusb_free_transfer frees the buffer
2013-06-02 Michael Gernothdata buffer is freed by libusb_free_transfer
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothmake sure quit is reset to 0 after a device-init
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothmake sure errno is always correct when returning from...
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothadd delays to stop device from resetting
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothcommand line parsing
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothbetter input parsing/output formatting
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothsimple tcp-server, barely able to communicate with...
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothcleanup on error/exit
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothremove duplicate code
2013-05-29 Michael Gernothlibusb-based driver for HM-CFG-USB and an initial HM...
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