Add missing break in switch
[hmcfgusb] / hmsniff.c
2020-09-05 Florian FranzmannCleanup: Improve const correctness
2016-06-08 Michael Gernothflash-hmmoduart: add utility to upgrade firmware on...
2016-06-03 Michael Gernothhmsniff: fix length-byte from HM-MOD-UART
2016-06-03 Michael Gernothhmuartlgw: add initial support for HM-MOD-UART
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add two more message types
2016-05-31 Michael Gernothall: update year in copyright
2015-09-13 Michael Gernothhmcfgusb: add possibility to use a specific HM-CFG...
2015-09-12 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add support for firmware-update-mode
2015-09-01 Michael Gernothhmsniff: add power event
2015-07-31 Michael Gernothhmsniff: more compact output by default
2015-07-16 Michael GernothMerge branch 'debian' of
2015-07-01 Michael Gernothhmsniff: fix typo
2015-05-27 Michael Gernothfix a few small memory-leaks when opening the USB device
2014-03-06 Michael Gernothincrease timeout granularity to handle missing acks...
2013-10-23 Michael Gernothadd version (prepare to release 0.1)
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothonly wake the device up when the timeout really expired
2013-07-13 Michael Gernothdo not report errors when sending of the wakeup-frame...
2013-07-07 Michael Gernothalways show timing warning, not only when debugging...
2013-06-05 Michael Gernothgracefully handle errors on socket-write
2013-05-31 Michael Gernothdon't abort when the device reboots, only set hmId...
2013-05-30 Michael Gernothadd timestamp
2013-05-30 Michael Gernothfix cfg-flag
2013-05-30 Michael Gernothbeginning of hmsniff, a small HomeMatic sniffer/dissector
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