Add note about newer udev versions and how to get it working again
[usb-driver] / config.h
1 struct parport_config {
2 int num;
3 unsigned long ppbase;
4 unsigned char real;
5 unsigned short usb_vid;
6 unsigned short usb_pid;
7 int (*open) (int num);
8 void (*close) (int handle);
9 int (*transfer) (WD_TRANSFER *tr, int fd, unsigned int request, int ppbase, int ecpbase, int num);
10 };
12 struct parport_config __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden"))) *config_get(int num);
13 unsigned char __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden"))) config_is_real_pport(int num);
14 unsigned short __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden"))) config_usb_vid(int num);
15 unsigned short __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden"))) config_usb_pid(int num);
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