[usb-driver] / README
2007-05-04 michaeltypo
2007-05-01 michaelanother typo
2007-05-01 michaeltypo
2007-05-01 michaeladd documentation for FTDI2232 based devices
2007-04-15 michaeladd EDK 8.1.02i as working
2007-04-06 michaeladd pointer to website
2007-04-06 michaelgenerate a better driver identification
2007-04-02 michaelrename TRENZ define to FORCE_PC3_IDENT and document...
2007-04-02 michaelAdd hack to force the detection of a parallel cable...
2007-04-01 michaelit works on ISE Webpack 9.1SP3
2007-03-21 michaeladd URL for library source
2007-03-18 michaeladd not about UseHIGHZ when programming with the parall...
2007-03-17 michaeladd note about Parallel Cable IV
2007-03-17 michaeladd other tested software
2007-03-14 michaelAdd support for Parallel Cable III (and clones)
2007-03-14 michaeladd tested software
2007-03-09 michaelshorter udev install
2007-03-04 michaelfirmware info
2007-02-25 michaeladd comment about udev
2007-02-25 michaeladd short readme
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