descriptionExtract ROMs from Sprach-Morse-Generator "Gerät 32620"
ownerMichael Gernoth
last changeWed, 9 Sep 2020 07:59:11 +0000 (09:59 +0200)

Extract ROMs from Gerät 32620 (Sprach-Morse-Generator) to WAV files

Clone and run make

Extracted WAV files

Extracted WAV files can be downloaded here


Rom files from: Crypto Museum

Decoding information from: Taking a look at Gerät 32620

2020-09-09 Michael fix typo master
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothmodule decoding changes
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothprint more chipselect info
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothprint cs2
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothskip header only if address is zero
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothcleanup chipselect
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothadd link to extracted WAV files
2020-09-05 Michael Gernothextractor for Geraet 32620 ROMs
2 years ago master
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