descriptionPerl-GTK2 frontend for SNOM 3xx phones
ownerMichael Gernoth
last changeWed, 17 Nov 2010 11:05:02 +0000 (12:05 +0100)
2010-11-17 mortyembeddid instead of visible for status icon master
2010-11-17 mortyOnly do Icon stuff if it works
2010-11-17 mortyHide on minimize
2010-07-10 Michael Gernothmake "exterm" dialog box configurable
2010-07-08 mortyFixe problem when calling from different path
2010-07-08 Michael Gernothre-add accidentally reverted fix for firmware v7
2010-07-08 mortyAdded tray and icon
2010-07-07 mortyadded extern (adds 09) to number, removes all non-digit...
2007-06-23 michaelupdate identity selection to work with firmware 7
2006-05-24 michaelless strict handling of modifier states
2006-05-23 michaelhide comboboxes when they are useless
2006-05-22 michaelput arrow instanciation where it belongs
2006-05-22 michaelnicer arrows
2006-05-22 michaelshow only identity names, fixes resize problem
2006-05-22 michaelchange identity works
2006-05-22 michaelfix typo
11 years ago master
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