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1 hmcfgusb
2 ========
4 github mirror of
6 I am not the author of this package, i'm just mirroring it here on github, all credits go to
7 Michael Gernoth
9 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
11 This repository contains utilities to use the HM-CFG-USB(2) (HomeMatic USB Konfigurations-Adapter) from ELV on Linux/Unix by using libusb 1.0.
12 The HM-CFG-USB can be used to send and receive BidCoS-Packets to control HomeMatic home automation devices (like remote controllable sockets, switches, sensors, ...).
14 This repository contains, amongst others, an application, which emulates the HomeMatic LAN configuration adapter-protocol to make it possible to use the HM-CFG-USB in Fhem or as a lan configuration tool for the CCU or the HomeMatic windows configuration software.
16 Short hmland HowTo:
17 Install prerequisites: apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev make gcc
18 Get the current version of this software: hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx.tar.gz (xxxxxxx is part of the commit-id. xxxxxxx is just a placeholder for this HowTo, use your value)
19 Extract the archive: tar xzf hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx.tar.gz
20 Change into the new directory: cd hmcfgusb-HEAD-xxxxxxx
21 Build the code: make
22 Optional: Install udev-rules so normal users can access the device: sudo cp hmcfgusb.rules /etc/udev/rules.d/
23 Plug in the HM-CFG-USB
24 Run hmland (with debugging the first time, see -h switch): ./hmland -p 1234 -D
25 Configure Fhem to use your new HMLAN device:
26 define hmusb HMLAN
27 attr hmusb hmId <hmId>
28 Updating the HM-CFG-USB firmware to version 0.967:
29 Compile the hmcfgusb utilities like in the hmland HowTo above (steps 1 to 7) and stay in the directory
30 Download the new firmware: hmusbif.03c7.enc: wget
31 Make sure that hmland is not running
32 Flash the update to the USB-stick: ./flash-hmcfgusb hmusbif.03c7.enc (You might need to use sudo for this)
33 (Old) Prebuilt package for OpenWRT (ar71xx): hmcfgusb_1_ar71xx.ipk
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